There are five ways as to why the law of attraction is deceitful.

The first: If the Law of Attraction principles are Biblical or true, then their “like attracts like” concepts must be tested against the most perfect Person who ever walked the earth – Jesus Christ. Jesus was flawless in everything He did. Christ was sinless, blameless, and faultless. Everything Christ did, whether in word or deed, was flawless. So, if Jesus was perfect in His words, actions, and thoughts, then the following questions must be addressed to Law of Attraction believers:

“Did Jesus who was perfect in every sense experience karma or fail to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction during His ministry? He was continuously ridiculed and persecuted to the extent of being crucified on the Cross, yet He was without sin in His speech, thoughts and deeds. If ‘like attracts like’ as the Law of Attraction teaches, why did such a perfect Man like Jesus attract such ‘negativity’ during His ministry?

“By Law of Attraction standards, Jesus would be considered poor, or as someone who was ‘attracting’ poverty in His life. He did not own His own home (Matthew 8:19-20); He mostly relied on the generosity and hospitality of others; He owned no material possessions – the only thing He owned were the clothes He wore which soldiers gambled for upon His death; His friends abandoned Him when He was crucified; The tomb He was buried in was borrowed. Did Jesus who was perfect in every sense fail to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction when He lived and experienced this kind of life? Did Jesus attract a lifestyle of poverty by His speech and thoughts? Could Jesus not have simply spoken wealth and material possessions into existence?

“Jesus spoke many words that would be considered “negative” by many Law of Attraction believers and proponents. He said that in this world there will be tribulation (John 16:33); He said He did not come to bring peace but a sword (Matthew 10:34); He said that He came to cause enmity among family members (Matthew 10:35); He spoke about hell, repentance and the consequences of sin. He called people a ‘brood of vipers’ ; He had no credentials except for Himself but yet He was despised and then crucified for all these things. Did Jesus speak ‘negative confessions’ or ‘negative affirmations’ about life when He said such things and many more?

So, when compared to a perfect man with perfect thoughts, perfect speech, and perfect deeds, the Law of Attraction teachings and principles completely fail. Even when these new thought principles are compared to the lives of people like the prophets, apostles, and many genuine Christians throughout Scripture and history, the Law of Attraction concepts can be proven to be unbiblical and dangerous. If the Law of Attraction was true, many Christians throughout history would not have been martyred or persecuted for their faith. Most believers in the Law of Attraction believe that people and Christians should not suffer. They mistakenly believe that people who suffer from tribulations and hardships attract such circumstances by ‘confessing’ negative thoughts and words.

The second: the Law of Attraction promotes the oldest and most ancient lie that the devil told Adam and Eve – the lie that man can be like God (Genesis 3:5). The Word of Faith movement, for example, promotes the Law of Attraction by teaching that humans are ‘little gods’ and that, just as God spoke things into existence, man can also speak or create things into existence. According to the Word of Faith movement, we are all our own gods. They claim that by using various Law of Attraction techniques, a person can change the weather, perform supernatural acts, or attract health and wealth. So the Law of Attraction and the Word of Faith movement’s deception is that man can rise above being a mere mortal. Through the power of his mind and the power of his tongue, he ascends to a realm where he possesses godlike abilities. Similarly, and ironically, the New Age and occult movements hold the same views on the doctrine of the little gods as the Word of Faith movement. They teach that man can be like God, and the pantheistic view that everything is ‘god’ or has the potential to become a god. They teach that if you practice the Law of Attraction, you can attain godlike status and abilities.

So the idea that man can change reality with his words, control the weather, or create something out of nothing appeals to the fallen flesh of sinful men, which began in the Garden of Eden when Satan lied and said that man could be like God.

The Bible, on the other hand, makes it clear that only God can create something out of nothing (Romans 4:17; Genesis 1:1-31). Only God has the ability to alter reality. If man could do what the Law of Attraction claims our thoughts and words can do, the world would be filled with superhumans or ‘superheroes.’

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