Considering what is currently happening in Lampedusa, with around 7000 immigrants arriving on this tiny island, with hundreds who have been transferred to Italy, here is what Alan Watt warned us about, when it comes to mass immigration in 2007. He said that they would bring mass immigration to create conflict in society, which conflict they will use to make changes according to their terms and conditions:

“And they would pay people for massive immigration to come in to create conflict. When people come in, in small numbers to any country, they gradually blend in, mix, adapt. The policies of putting people in specific areas in large cities is a form of ghetto creation to keep them separate. It does not help them disperse and integrate into the system. Because one day they can always use that conflict when it suits them, and that day will come when they start crashing the monied system. Everyone can get along, just, you see, in crowded cities, as long as the money is flowing for everything. But when it starts getting difficult to pay the rent, everyone is worried. Conflicts begin and people start subdiving back into original groups and fighting each other. The Big Boys count on these kinds of things happening to bring in the brute force for the new system. So, don’t fight each other. You’ve got to rise all above of that. Don’t let good speakers stir up the emotions to such a pitch that the ordinary folk fight the other ordinary folk regardless of their colour, greed or whatever. That’s what they count on too, you see. When you see the big picture, I see the whole populations of the world, facing the same horror show, a non-thinking future, of what will be left, of what they call, and we call, humanity, at the lower levels, which is the majority.”

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