“So to all church leaders, if you think money is the way to be powerful, you have sold Jesus and you are Judas Iscariot. You’re nothing but Judas Iscariot. Now you come and tell me, what happened to Judas. Where did he end up? Where is he? Gone! Never to be seen again. He lost the ultimate, ultimate place, Christ. He lost it. For what? Thirty pieces of silver? For some worldly fame? For some worldly power? You lose Jesus? What a shame! What a shame! Don’t lose Christ for nothing and for no one. The government can come and give me all the money in the world, I will burn it. Is that clear? I will burn it. You cannot buy Jesus. How dare you! How dare you! I’d rather be a homeless and not get money from Satan. I’ll step on it and on Satan, in Jesus’s mighty name. So enough playing like kids. Grow up because you are nothing but an absolute humiliation for yourselves and for your countries.”

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