Alan Watt on the psychopathic ruling class

In an interview on 4th October 2006, the great thinker and philosopher Alan Watt, talked about the psychopathic ruling class and how it is the criminal class that go into politics. I find Alan Watt an avantgardist because all he had said over twenty years ago, is what the world is going through today. This site will publish a series of his, as we go along. This is what he said on the pychopathic ruling class:

“During the Inquisition, we saw the Church which was a big powerful force at the time – the Roman Catholic Church. We saw that going on the rampage. Whole villages were called out when the inquisition arrived in Europe and you were given a chance to confess, as a whole village you know, and they’d say we know, we know these people here who’ve been thinking about or doing black magic, you see or practising satanism. So, if you tell us right now, we’ll go easy with you. If you don’t we have to torture out of you. Well, it could be damn forever and you might die too.

So, people would start making up stories right there and then on the village square and coming up with the most outlandish things, taking a little punishment, a few strokes, of they whip. They’re repenting and asking forgiveness and yada yada and if enough of them did it, it might satiate the sadism within these inquisitors and they’d hear all the confessions, give them their benedictions, and go home or go to the next town or village. It’s a sad, sad state when that happens.

Well, you see the American Psychological Association for years has gone along the same path as that as has the police. The American Psychological Association has been trying to determine who will be a criminal and then that really started with them when they were part of the eugenicist movement under the Rockefeller foundation. The 1920s is now called bioethics committees so it’s much more gentler and society orientated. But it’s the same thing. If they can just look at someone or look at their blood or their dna or whatever, they might just be able to tell you how you’re going to end up, catch you before it happens and program you, you see, and indoctrinate you into who they want you to be, around let you allow yourself to come to what you’d like yourself to be by yourself. So, the American Psychological Assocation has said many times in their publications that everyone is a potential criminal which is true if you go straight by legalism and the terms of legalism. If it’s a crime to defend yourself if someone’s going to try to kill you and then you defended yourself then yeah, technically you’re a criminal. And since everything that lives mice will scratch the noses of cats if they’re cornered to try to fight to the last, a rabbit will bite you if you put your hands down in his borough, to protect his young, well they are all criminals you say.

So, you can make any natural action a criminal action and they have been doing this piecemeal, little by little, for the last twenty odd years. So, until I make you the new soviet world, the new soviet man, which is just a robot basically, who is predicrable, then the world can’t be safe. And all we have to give up is the right to think for ourselves, react as any living creature should react to save its own life – that’s all we have to do, is give that up. And kiss the ring of the king and they’ll go easy with us.

Isn’t it odd how tyranny and tyrants and mega maniacs never change? Until literally human nature changes by some other means, it will always repeat itself and phases because tyrants always rise to the top. Those normal people don’t look for power. Only the real criminal class go into politics. They crave power. They’re good liars. They’re psychopathic. That’s why they lie so readily and easily to people and they don’t blush when they are caught in a lie like a normal person would. A superego takes over a psychopath. They run on ego. You can call them the worst possible things and it runs off their backs like water off a duck. That’s why they go into politics. But as long as they know what they public wants to hear, they’ll tell you what you want to hear. They’ll do something differently but they’ll always tell you what you want to hear.

And those same people, fight like cats and dogs amongst themselves in the most sociable way as while they have drinky poos, inkling classes at the cocktail classes and smile and join all the fakery towards each other because each one wants to get above the necks by crawling over them. They’d love to see their opposition crush so they can get the app up there. You know, king tyrant. That’s the real world that they live in. There’s no compassion of any kind. It’s a psychopathic world.

Now how can a psychopath feel safe in a world where he knows he has abused everyone else? The only way you can feel safe is by causing terror on all those beneath them. Standard routine, perfectly understandable. And we’re seeing it being united now, by a small group, basically, over the bigger powers. And they are on a roll. So, it’s up to us to keep sentience alive and to put the hands out to people who put it up to you to pull them up. It’s up to us to do it. And only duty we have to do it is not as to ourselves and to others. That’s it basically.

We have no choice in the matter once you really know what’s happening. We have no choice.

The reason we have no choice is because we are not brain dead. If we were brain dead we wouldn’t be talking like this right now. So, we have no choice but to do what we’re doing. We also have no choice but to expose the cons that are being used while we go through all of this that the big distractions are purposely put out there. And this winter as I’d say I’ll give you far more information on certain aspects of this which we haven’t really touched on before.”

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