“What they really want is the truth they’ve already decided upon. In other words, they want to tell you what they already believe. That isn’t seeking truth whatsoever and if you veer off from where they want to you to go – in other words, you’re not giving them the answers they want to hear, they will turn on you and that’s why traditionally down through all religions all the bringers of truth of messiahs or whoever, call them what you want, the mob that followed them at one point are the same mob that jeer them when they’re dying.

Those people are called ‘the profane,’ those in the darkness. Why are they in the darkness? Because they want to be there. They would only move to the darkness to somewhere else if they had a guarantee that it would fit their existing paradigm, their idea of what it should be like. When people ask me how do I wake up, how do I go further, I don’t given them a one-size fits all answer. You have to first be sure the person is serious. You have to get inside their head space to find out where they are at in their head space. How much do they truly understand? What are they capable of understanding? What are they willing to give up in order to understand? And most truly are not willing to give up many, many of their pet beliefs, so you’re back to square one. They’re not looking for truth at all. They’re looking for a guarantee. They’re looking for someone to say, ‘There, there don’t worry. It’s going to be all right for you.’

Others think they can buy truth and they go into organizations where the program – and I use the word program because they’re given the program. This is what you’re going to be taught – this stage, that stage, and so on and so on, and they pay to be programmed; and I say program as a neutral term. It depends on the intent and the end product of it. It’s just like education; it can be either one too. People pay to be programmed and really what they’ve done is picked the religion they’ve already believed, it’s the one they’ve already decided upon, so they could go ‘religion shopping’, and the New Age Movement has more books put out in the last 30 years than maybe all the books on Christianity and the same beating.

Every week there’s a new fad. A new super talker who says super things, which is all the rehash of the old stuff, really, and they’re pulling either the usual stuff. It’s either astronomy, astrology, tarot cards, tea cup reading, that’s not really trendy today because it’s too vague for people, and right down to even using pendulums.

There are people who went through the pendulum period of the New Age who cannot make a decision without swinging a pendulum to find out if it’s the way they are supposed to go. This is madness. It’s madness. But people today are so terrified of everything. They want something else to reassure them that it’s going to be all right, without being willing to work on themselves.

The New Age Movement doesn’t encourage you to look at yourself on a daily basis. What it does is train you to ignore all.”

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