33° Mason Manly P. Hall’s lecture: on how the magnetic field protects us from chronic illnesses if kept in harmony

“Now, we go inside of this for a moment to see what we’re dealing with.

So, we go back to Phytagoras who was very timely in that. He tells us that in Egypt there was a temple in which therapy was the result of this contemplation of the symmetrical geometric solids. In other words, the images of therapy were mathematical cubes, octagons, and various forms. Each one placed upon an altar of pedestal for the contemplation of the sephora. All was symmetric, geometric solids, perfect and complete in structure. To look upon them, was therapeutic, because to look upon them, accepted their energy as a reality in our lives. Now, these stone solids apparently were not alive. They only gave impression of value but actually they were alive.

Every form in nature, natural or artificial, has a magnetic field, from the tiniest atom to the greatest galaxy. The magnetic fields are present and the rules of each of them must be obeyed. Now if an individual, looking at a geometric solid, sees in it a perfect proportion, this realization enters into the subconscious life of the person. The energy and imagery of that solid is sent into the consciousness in the form of a benevolent, magnetic centre. It means that the individual is seeing a harmony, is seeing something in perfect order and perfect correctness.

And in visualising, whenever we see perfection, it improves ourselves. Whenever we accept that discord is inevitable, it injures ourselves.

Everywhere looking around us in nature, we see that all natural things are benevolent. It is only when these are abused, mostly by humanity, that these benevolences are lost. So, we find that we live in a universe in which everything is in harmony if we are. Now, we can say of course, that if somebody else is out of harmony, and this could injure us. Actually, it’s not quite true.

The magnetic field that protects us actually protects us from any negative magnetic field that does not arise within ourselves. We are not contaminated by other people. Unless by our very conscious weakness, our intellectual weakness or our emotional weakness, we surrender our integrity, to the attitudes of other people. If we commit misdemeanors of one kind or another, we are responsable by the effect of these mistakes on our own magnetic field.

Now, the magnetic field not only covers this type of thing, but it covers elimination. The intestinal walls, all of this type of things is damaged, as we know, by hysteria, by various moves. The individual becomes ill because of a bad disposition. Now we consider this of being just a symbol of something that happens that way. But it is not.

The individual who is sickened by dispositional fall is sickened because he has damaged the field, the magnetic field, of some essential part of his own nature. If he has damaged the magnetic field of his digestive system, he will have a disrupter. And if the disrupter lasts long enough, the magnetic field is sickened long enough, then long enduring chronic ailments can set in.

No individual actually is infected entirely from himself, but never completely without himself.

All of these unities of fact must be in harmony.”

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