Why were the movements of the robbers of the HSBC heist described as military?

In the attempted robbery on the HSBC headquarters in Qormi of 2010, forensic investigators had established that a total of 65 shots were fired at the police.

“The robbers had their sights on the bank’s underground vaults that is thought to contain millions of euros.”

“Evidence collected from the scene of the crime and witness recounts on the events that unfolded, speak of professional movements by ‘men who definitely have military training’ said a source, while adding that ‘they ducked, covered each other and shot with such rapidity that left no space for the police to react.'”

We know that later, Darren Debono ‘it-Topo’, Vince Muscat ‘il-Koħħu’ and Fabio Psaila were arrested.

Why is the observation that the robbers definitely had military training interesting?

This is because this reminded me of the Degiorgios’ press release where the Degiorgios also wrote:

This is because we were used by different people, including the ex-ministers Carmelo Abela and Chris Cardona, lawyers among whom David Gatt, who was very active, and high-ranking officers within the police corps and the army. We ended up being used by these people. These are individuals who, once they introduce you to their circle, you have to obey their orders.

We are not monsters of society as we are being depicted by those involved. We were condemned and completely manipulated by prominent people such as ministers, the Commissioner of Police and high officials in power at the time, as well as officers in the armed forces.

By any chance, were those officers in the armed forces involved in giving free military training to the robbers of the HSBC heist, and who happened to be also part of the circle to which the Degiorgios were introduced and to whose orders they had to obey?

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