The wildfires in Lahaina, Maui – questions this site poses to the readers – part eight

Here is another footage of a Maui native and professional surfer questioning the government response to the wildfires in Lahaina, explaining how help is not reaching Maui, with other footage showing how citizens are helping the Maui wildfires’ survivors:

“Some of us, we were sort of, sitting back, waiting for help to arrive. And then, nothing was sort of happening. We were just in shock. When I started getting texts and messages from friends on the other side saying ‘Hey, no one is here. Do you know anyone you can call? Can you help us?’ And it started off with really big boots being on the ground. Ok, let’s get the jet skis, let’s get the boats. Let’s call friends who fly commercial aircraft and see if we can charter a plane. We just took it upon ourselves like, ok, we could probably do a full day to hold our family and friends over before the caravan arrives with everything. And it was just day after day. Where are they? I haven’t seen one state, one county, one government official at any one of the donation hubs where people are most suffering. People are sleeping in their cars. People are asking for specific items now. As soon as you go to the west side, all of a sudden you’re like ‘wow, do I feel like I’m in third world country right now?’ You could go to any one of those hubs on the west side of the island, and you can ask everyone there, and they’ll be like ‘oh, we haven’t seen anyone, no one came to talk to us. No one has come to assist. I wonder if the state county, they believe we’re doing such a great job that they don’t need to step in. But a lot of these volunteers have been going all day, all night, for five, six days now, and are exhausted and are waiting for a handoff or at least a break.”

Can the readers explain why the people of Lahaina are not being helped by government officials?


Kai Lenny, professional surfer and Maui native, told CBS News that “everyone was waiting for the government to show up” after the deadly wildfires on the island — so the community took recovery into their own hands. kailenny maui mauiwildfires lahaina kula hawaii wildfires hawaiiwildfires

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