The Controversy behind the Third Secret of Fatima – Critics of the Neues Europa Text

“Those who categorize the Neues Europa text as a false version of the Third Secret generally do so for the following reasons:

1) It seems inconceivable that the Vatican would leak part of the Third Secret to world leaders, when it purportedly speaks of Satan walking in the ranks of Cardinals and Bishops—and this, while the Vatican was trying to paint such a rosy picture of Vatican II.

2) There is evidence, which will be discussed later, that the original Third Secret was written on one sheet of paper and that it is quite brief—perhaps 20 to 25 handwritten lines. The Neues Europa text is much longer. If handwritten, it would require several pages.

3) Many believe the words of Our Lady near the end of the Second Part of the Secret, ‘In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved; etc.’, are a preface to the Third Part of the Secret. Clearly the contraction ‘etc.’ means that something Our Lady said has been left out. The Neues Europa text makes no such connection.

4) One of the statements attributed to Our Lady in the Neues Europa text appears to have been plagiarized from a well-known book.

5) In the July Apparition, Our Lady told the children to tell the Secret to no one. In the Neues Europa text, Our Lady is supposedly telling Lucia to ‘announce this’ and ‘proclaim this.’

6) The Great Secret with ‘three distinct parts’ was, according to Sr. Lucia’s Memoirs, given to the children at the July Apparition. The Neues Europa text has the Third Secret being given to Lucia after the Miracle of the Sun at the October Apparition.

7) No war greater than that predicted in the Second Part of the Secret broke out in the second half of the 20th century, and certainly there was no nuclear holocaust, as the Neues Europa text appears to predict.*

8) In follow-up articles, Louis Emrich commits numerous factual errors and apparent fabrications; not unlike many journalists of today.”

*[My side-note] We had the unleashing of Covid-19, we have the war between Russia and Ukraine, we have the war against the Christians and what if we have an upcoming nuclear war?

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