Senator Gerard Rennick questions the Health Department about the fraudulent PCR Test

Here is Senator Gerard Rennick, questioning the bureaucrats of health in a senate estimate last June about the scam of the PCR test, for which entire nations were shut down due to this PCR test which was sold as the diagnostic tool for the boogy virus:

Senator Gerard Rennick: “So my question is, previously, the Health Department has said that the PCR test cannot distinguish between live and dead viruses. How many positive PCR tests were false positives?”

Brendan: “I don’t know whether Professor Kelly can attempt to answer that.That answer is correct. The PCR testing doesn’t distinguish between live and dead viruses. I suspect the false positivity rate for PCR tests is very low. But, Professor Kelly, have you got any insight into that?”

Professor Kelly: “Nothing else to add, really, Brendan. I don’t think that’s an answer we could possibly give, even on notice.”

Senator Gerard Rennick: “I mean, this is the diagnostic tool that has been used to shut down a country for almost two years, that is used to justify spending hundreds of billions of dollars, and you can’t tell me how accurate it is?”

Brendan: “Well, I think there were some significant studies done early in the pandemic that correlated PCR tests against viral culture and that obviously picked when there was a live virus there. But I think we can go back, the Doherty Institute did a lot of work on this, we can take on notice and provide you evidence of the specificity and sensitivity of the PCR test. And our advice, certainly in the early stage of the pandemic, is that it was highly specific and highly sensitive, but we’ll provide on notice.”

Senator Gerard Rennic: “So, I’ll follow up with another question then. Can you also provide, if you can’t tell me, and I would have thought you could, what actual genomic sequence you tested for? Which part of the 29 proteins, a thousand nucleotides each protein, which part of the coronavirus genomic sequence did you use to indicate that someone was positive to Covid, and whether or not that genomic sequence also makes up other coronaviruses?”

Brendan: “We can provide on notice the specific primers and the part of the virus that it’s used for. We do not believe that there was a cross reactivity with other coronaviruses, but we can provide on notice from, we’ve got experts in the Doherty who would be very happy to provide that information.”

Senator Gerard Rennic: “Okay. And could you also provide the product assessment report for the diagnostic tool used for PCR tests and the RAT tests as I can’t seem to find them on the TGA website, but I would have thought that should be available so that we can scrutinise the actual diagnostic tool, used to determine the positivity. So thanks.”

Does anyone need the PCR tests results of my dad?

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