On Paedophile Symbols and Logos used by International Organisations that claim to help children

In 2007, the FBI released a bulletin with symbols and logos used by paedophiles to identify their sexual preferences and to communicate where to find both each other and their prey.

The blue triangles are for boy lovers. The pink hearts are for girl lovers. The butterfly is for child lovers in general.

These paedophile logos will be their downfall. They are in plain sight for they never thought people would wake up to see. And just like we saw with ‘Amber Alert’, they are the organisations that claim to protect children that actually use paedophile logos. For instance, ‘The International Adoption Clinic’:

‘New Star Kafala’, a Muslim adoption child advocacy agency has the below logo for their ‘HOPE’ program: ‘Helping Orphans Progress Emotionally’:

Then there is the Pacific Crest Trail Association which changed its logo in July 2017 after the paedophile connection in the capital A was discovered by the public:

No one is saying that these organisations are another part of the paedophile ring, but it is important to point out at their interesting choice of logo. Is this choice just another ‘coincidence’?

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