New variant, new Covid vaccines. Will Dr Fearne get them for the nation?

What more would you want from life than having again a new variant which they named ‘Eris’ and vaccines for it?

The New York Post reported that “a new covid vaccine is due out next month”, that is September, “but health experts and analysts say it is likely to be coolly received even as hospitalizations from ‘Eris’, a variant of the Omicron form of the coronavirus, rise around the country.”

“Some public health experts hope that Americans will welcome the new shot as they would a flu jab. But demand for the vaccine has dropped sharply since 2021 when it first became available and more than 240 million people in the U.S., or 73% of the population, received at least one shot.”

The media portal reported that by the fall of 2022, fewer than 50 million people got the shots.

Kaiser Family Foundation Director of Survey Methodology Ashley Kirzinger said that if public health officials want to see a majority of adults get these annual vaccines, they need to ‘make the case to the American public that Covid isn’t over and it still poses a risk to them.’

In other words, this means that the public health officials would need to spread fearmongering again so to coerce the people to take these vaccines, annually.

Moroever, if people do not comply and take these vaccines, how can the Mafia Pharmaceutical Industries make money? In 2022, Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine sales topped $56 billion worldwide. Rest assured that surely, everything is being done for your health, dear readers.

The New York Post added that these shots will already be offered starting from next month, by healthcare providers and pharmacies such as CVS Health (CVS.N).

Will Europe follow suit? After all, back in June 2023 EMA backed the WHO’s “recommendation to update the antigen composition of Covid-19 vaccines to target” the XBB variants, “ahead of the upcoming autumn vaccination campaign.”

In America, they will be offering new vaccines as from next month, which means autumn.

I wonder if our Health Authorities and the media will start bombarding the Maltese nation with this new variant and if another vaccine will be injected while the herd obediently lines up in yet another queue, or in another vaccination centre, clinic or whatever. Can Dr Fearne enlighten the nation?

What more can one ask for, from the Mafia Pharmaceutical Industry?

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