In order to make paedophilia legal, the age of consent had to go down, so that having sex with a child, would no longer be considered a crime.

How can this be done? We had judges and politicians, at the highest level, doing their best to make this happen.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who was nominated as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US by the then President Bill Clinton of the Clinton Foundation, obstructed the prosecution of child sex offenders by bringing the age of consent down to twelve years.

Patricia Hewitt, the UK politician for the Labour Party, brought the age of consent down to fourteen years, with some cases being that of ten. She had stated that ‘We cannot prove sex with children does them harm.’ Please note that Hewitt was general secretary of the NCCL, or the National Council for Civil Liberties, which later became known as Liberty, which was affiliated to PIE, which means Paedophile Information Exchange.

Then we had former British Prime Minister for the Conservative Party Theresa May who thought that ‘Paedophiles should be allowed to adopt children too.’

On studying the pattern of this topic, it seems that there is an ulterior motive behind this. Why is it important to normalize paedophilia? Why is it important to make sex with children look non-harmful, when any psychologist can tell you how harmful it is for children to have sex at a young age.

Consent is also a dangerous concept as paedophiles often tell children that they are simply showing them how much they love them. Sex gets confused with love and in that tender age, the child cannot comprehend the generated feelings of pain, shame, anger and fear. The secrecy put upon them is so hard for them to deal with, that the result is great trauma.

So, why is society pushing paedophilia down our throats, slowly, slowly, so that we learn to accept it?

Wouldn’t this create a society of traumatised people? Why do we have paedophile logos used in children cartoons, Disney movies, sweets and ice-creams, child protection centres, adoption agencies, business and in politics?

Here is Ms Jackson -Lee, member of the House of Representatives, wearing the boy lover symbol ring:

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