Former Freemason Serge Abad Gallardo: ‘I was serving Lucifer without knowing it’ – on the release from any Masonic vow once former Freemasons repent and go back to the Church

Can members really get out of Freemasonry? Aren’t Masons forever bound by a Masonic vow?

Officially, from an administrative point of view, we can leave quite easily. Although not frequent, it is not so rare that Freemasons quit. And there is even an ad hoc commission to understand why people quit. You just need to send a letter to the venerable master, although it doesn’t have to be accepted.

But contrary to what Freemasonry says, we don’t belong to it forever after our Masonic vow. In the 1884 encyclical Humanum Genus, Pope Leo XIII recalls that a Freemason who comes back to the Church as a repentant Catholic is released from any Masonic vow. It is very clear.”

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