“The atonement is very negotiable to the Masonic Lodge because in the Masonic Lodge you save yourself by doing good deeds. And by doing those good deeds, you are able to get to this immortality of the soul and be in the celestial dwelling place made by the Great Architect because what they do is, that if they’re masons, well they may call ‘god’ their father of all mankind, they also treat ‘god’ as the Great Architect because they use this imagery from the masonic building skills.

[Notice the symbols: the serpents in the middle, and the dragons]

Whereas we believe that God is not only loving from all eternity, but God loves us so much that He took on flesh and He redeemed us from sin. Christ is God made flesh who died on the cross for us. And that we don’t have reconciliation with God just because we do good deeds. This is something that is not part of our Catholic faith, that that would be the basis of our getting to heaven. It’s rather, we are sinners, who needed to have atonement made, by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, and infinite sacrifice offered for our sins. Because our sins are not just little peccadilloes that we just say oh but it’s no big deal to God. It’s rather that because of God’s majesty being offended, our sins have an infinite quality and only infinite God dying on the cross for the sake of our reconciliation with God is able to make up for our sins. This is not negotiable for any Catholic.

And not only that is not negotiable, neither is baptism. St Peter tells us in first Peter Chapter 3, ‘Baptism now saves you’. It is not something that can be slid by, it’s not negotiable, it’s not something we neglect. If the scripture says that baptism saves you, we need to be saved. And we accept that gift of baptism in order to be saved. And that it’s not negotiable but for the Masonic Lodge, it obviously is negotiable because non-baptized members share fully and all the spiritual claims that the Masonic Lodge makes.”

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