“[00:03:18] I could spend hours talking about this, but they lied about population health threats, severity. They knew it wasn’t severe and they persisted in pretending it was. But the data well accepted now [00:03:30] is that it wasn’t. And then they insisted on a whole panoply of medical countermeasures, really non-pharmaceutical interventions. So they made you wear masks? I knew long before COVID that masks are splash guards. They don’t filter your air. They cannot possibly filter alleged viruses in your breath. They’re splash guards. Look at the way the air goes around the side. That’s a second line, isn’t it? Don’t really believe that these masks filter little infective [00:04:00] organisms in your breath. I hope you don’t. It’s ludicrous. Filthy thing across your face all day. They lied and said that when ill people turn up at hospital, if they have COVID selectively, if they have COVID, we’re not going to treat them. No early treatments are possible. No treatments are allowed. And they made them go home until they were blue, literally. And then when they came back, they reflexively murdered in hospital. That’s another lie. They made you lockdown or unless you’re an essential worker. [00:04:30] And then you could go backwards and forwards and serve them, making sandwiches or packing food in food plants. And you may have all the loads of places serving in supermarkets. Did you know that the amount of illness in food packing plants and in supermarkets was not any greater than anywhere else in the community? What that tells you is and that was fairly obvious and you know, when I was telling you this, it’s true.

[00:04:59] What that tells [00:05:00] you is the whole idea of lockdowns was just to separate you. It made no difference whatsoever for the spread of this alleged viral pathogen. We we knew that beforehand. It was proven in numerous peer reviewed journal articles by the summer of 2020. And yet, goddamn it, they locked us down again. Christmas 2020. So I’ve just proved to you that your authorities lied in your face repeatedly, and they’re still lying in your face.

[00:05:30] This whole thing is a multi year plan designed to accomplish what it’s accomplishing, which is to smash civil society, to wreck the economy, and to introduce digital various digital controls, not least of which is that war criminal Tony Blair’s repeated call for digital ID and as other people on this call will point out, if you’ve got a digital ID [00:06:00] that you have to present before you enter or leave a premises, remember, every permit could be regulated in that way easily just by putting a camera and a lock on it, including your front door. Don’t think they’re going to allow you to move freely around and stop you getting on planes. They could stop you moving into a shop, out of a shop, or even out of your own house.”

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