Dom Mintoff – the series in his memory (5)

This footage recounts the lifestyle of Dom Mintoff as prime minister from when he used to leave Castille at three in the afternoon.

13th February 2008: Malta is in the middle of an electoral campaign. A visit of Dom Mintoff at the Electoral Commission drew the attention of journalists, where rumours had spread that maybe he will again candidate himself for the political scene at the age of 91 years.

It was journalist Keith Demicoli that drove Dom Mintoff to Valletta. Keith Demicoli recounts how he had received a call whereby Dom Mintoff told him that he wanted to see him there and then because he has an exclusive story for him. Demicoli arrived at his residence in Tarxien and then they all hopped in the car, together with the cameraman. It was here that Dom Mintoff remarked that he had forgotten the cheque book. Rumours that Mintoff was going to candidate himself for the election had already reached Keith Demicoli two days before during a press conference of the political party Azzjoni Nazzjonali, headed by Dr Josie Muscat.

There, Dom Mintoff confronted the Electoral Commissioner Eddie Gatt. When on the way back Keith Demicoli asked Dom Mintoff if he was going to candidate himself for the election, he was scolded by Mintoff. Demicoli was not the first person to have been shouted at by Dom Mintoff throughout his political career. It was, however, his way of showing to that person that he had not given up on him and that he cared.

When the Labour Party won the 1971 general election, the Labour supporters celebrated on the streets and went en masse to Valletta. Mintoff was upset because the people had abused of that win to take an unofficial day off. Mintoff climbed on the ceiling of his bubble-shaped Peugeot and made a fuss, ordering the people to go back to work.

Before this electoral win, Mintoff and the Labour Party had gone through eight years of dispute with the Church.

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