The influential Cardinal Vigano, who, as we have seen, was a senior Vatican figure, the Holy See’s former ambassador to the US, and a Vatican whistleblower, has created quite an embarassment for the Pope when he became the most prominent Catholic figure to denounce medical orthodoxy over the pandemic.

Cardinal Vigano, who is highly esteemed and very influential, had told Italian television back in November 2021 that “Covid does not exist” and the media had covered up “systematic” lies about its existence.

A senior Vatican figure has declared that Covid-19 doesn’t exist and that vaccines against the virus are the work of Satan. Needless to say, he was labelled by the mainstream media of the media lies matter, as an ‘antivaxxer’.

His outburst came after it was revealed that he had written to the powerful US Bishops Conference, distancing himself from the Vatican’s pro-vaccine campaign, calling it “Satanic action against God.”

And then obviously he got a reaction from the Vatican, an advocate of the deadly and experimental Covid-19 vaccines. The reaction came from Cardinal Vincenzo Paglia, who rebuked him and his conspiracy theories.

“Those who deny the pandemic, deny the fact that the world has dramatically and deeply changed in the last two years and we need a profound economic, political, social, and moral renewal to provide justice, access to healthcare, starting from the vaccines…” he said.

Cardinal Vigano was described by Italy’s La Stampa editor as a ‘rogue’ after such remarks.

“But Viganò, who came to global attention after his leaked letters to Pope Benedict XVI suggested he was effectively exiled in the US for attempting to lift the lid on rampant corruption in the Holy City, is not the only senior Catholic to horrify public health officials with outlandish comments on Covid-19.

Others include the conservative hardliner Raymond Burke, the US cardinal, and critic of Pope Francis. Burke had also “claimed that vaccines had been developed ‘through the use of the cell lines of aborted fetuses” and that “these Covid-19 vaccines could be used to imlant microchips.”

‘There is a certain movement to insist that now everyone must be vaccinated against the coronavirus Covid-19, and even that a kind of microchip needs to be placed under the skin of every person…’ he said.”

And yet, the Vatican encouraged everyone to get vaccinated with the deadly and experimental Covid-19 vaccines, because, for the minions, it is an act of love.

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  1. Miriam Bongailas

    Good afternoon Marica,

    Thanks for this info.
    Cardinal Vigano, is a bless from God, to had went away and had spread the truth!!
    He is considered a hero, and not a coward, like most of others are being, while maybe knowing, but preferring to keep their mouth shut!!

    God bless you, Marica, and thank you for your deep research and hard work.
    Keep it up.

    Miriam bongailas

    1. Marica Micallef

      Dear Miriam, thank you for your contribution and for supporting this site. It means a lot to me. God bless you. In Christ, Marica

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