At a Senate Hearing in Australia, Senator Rennick asks Moderna officials about indemnity and if they allocate any of their profits to help those injured from their vaccine.

Senator Rennick: “From major profits, does Moderna pay it back to help people injured from the vaccine?”

Moderna official: “We are aware that there is an indemnity for Covid-19 suppliers. But indemnity leaves for government members to decide. I can’t..”

Senator Rennick: “So, Moderna doesn’t put any of its profits back in into helping victims of injuries from the Moderna vaccine, is that correct?”

Moderna official: “So, Moderna is a company that focuses on manufacturing vaccines. The term of indemnity for vaccine suppliers is a matter for government. I can’t ..”

Senator Rennick: “So, you’re not prepared to underwrite the risk of your own vaccine and you’re not prepared to actually put more money in where it comes to decide when it comes to the side-effects of these vaccines, is that correct?”

Moderna official: “We take safety of our vaccines very seriously. We have a good manufacturing process in place, in fact, a comprehensive one. However, I would iriterate that indemnities matter for policy makers.”

Senator Rennick: “But what about a moral, social conscience of putting some of your profits back in, in helping victims of the vaccine?”

Here the chairman intervened and Senator Rennick replied to him “I’ll just take that as you’re right, thank you.”

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