APIDA, Frank Giustra, the Clintons and Justin Trudeau

In Canada, there is also APIDA, a Canadian refuge charity. Notice the blue triangle symbol:

APIDA was founded by the Ratcliff Foundation, set up and owned by Frank Giustra. Apart from the interesting choice of logo, there are some things about Frank Giustra which we should find fascinating.

Firstly, he is a major sponsor to the Clinton Foundation. He donates around $100 million and more. Secondly he loved going to Haiti with the same Clintons.

Thirdly, he founded the Boys Club Network, for boys between twelve and eighteen, seeking connection and mentorship.

The co-founder is Jim Crescenzo, a teacher from Vancouver, who received an Excellence Award from none other than Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau himself. Is this another coincidence? ‘How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? – Q Anon’.

For someone who claimed to be a decent, family man, like Justin Trudeau, who has also now announced his separation after 18 years of marriage, with people questioning his recent post while he is going through separation,

Justin Trudeau surely has some interesting friends.

We start with Christopher Ingvaldson, a Canadian private school teacher, convicted for the possession and distribution of child porn. For many years he was Trudeau’s friend and room mate.

Then, there’s his best friend Peter Dalglish, the world renowed humanitarian, and a former UN official, who was caught in the act in Nepal with two children, age twelve and fourteen. He was also the founder of Street Kids International, and the Trails Youth Initiatives Programme. Undoubtedly, such programmes do great things for children, but can someone answer the question as to why do they choose paedophile logos? Why are many set up and registered by convicted paedophiles and sex offenders?

For example, we had the case of Philippo Broaly, judge and founder of Children of Cambodia, who was arrested and convicted for paedophilia in 2014!

If you are a paedophile, wouldn’t it be great to have your own child protection programme? In 2017, we had the case of Philadelphia Child Protection Agency which was caught running a paedophile ring! What a better way to have access to all those lovely, innocent children to pick from! Unfortunately, these children often come from troubled and problematic backgrounds. Some have criminal records. Others suffered from neglect and abuse in their early childhood. Aren’t they easy prey with no loving parents or guardians to protect them?

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