A former high-rank Freemason attorney John Salza on the Universal Rituals of Freemasonry and the Oaths

“After the man is involved in this prayer to the deity, the worshipful master who is the principal officer of the lodge, has him make a profession of faith by asking him in whom do you put your trust. And no matter what deity the candidate professes, masonry is required to tell him your trust is in God, your faith is well founded. So, to those who reject Jesus Christ, freemasonry explicitly lies to them. And that’s because the author of freemasonry is the father of lies.

In fact, this position is contrary not only to Revelation, but to reason itself. If only two are true of men hold different beliefs, and only one is true and one is false, of course this denies objective truth altogether because masonry tells both of them that that their trust is in the true God. Blessed Pius IX said nothing more insane has ever been devised by the mind of man. And so masonry puts this notion, this false notion, of human dignity, liberty, equality, fraternity – all above Truth, exalting man over God which are the errors of Russia and the errors of freemasonry.

Next, the man is required to swear an oath, at the Masonic altar which is called in freemasonry ‘the place of sacrifice’. It’s called the place of sacrifice, because number one: the man gives a blood off and I’m going to describe and number two because he sacrifices his former religion for the religion of freemasonry. If the man professes to be a Christian, he swears the oath on the bible. And he swears that he would rather have his throat cut across, his tongue torn out by its roots, his chest torn open, his heart plucked out, his body severed in twain, his bowels taken, thence burned to ashes rather than violate his masonic oath. These oaths are self-curses.

And these type of oaths obviously are gravely sinful, and they evince this offering of blood. These descriptions of the penalties are called blood oaths and they confirm the covenantal nature of these oaths. Now covenant is considered an interpersonal communion. We know that from our theology. And blood has always been symbolized whether it’s offered actually or symbolically to ratify a covenant. When the man offers the blood oath at the masonic altar, he’s sealing the covenant of freemasonry in which he’s now bound. It’s at that point that that noose is removed from his neck and he’s called the brother for the first time. Why? Because he’s now in covenant communion with freemasonry.

These oaths are portals to Satan and the occult and serve as obstacles to Grace. With these curses masons swear to violate the temple of the Holy Ghost on the very scriptures he inspired. After he swears the oath, the hoodwink is removed and he’s quote “brought to light” and what he sees before him, are the masonic square, compasses, and the volume of the sacred law. If he professes Christianity, that would be the Holy Bible. But it doesn’t have to be the Bible. The Bible can be accompanied by or replaced by any religious writing: the Zenda Festa, the Sohar, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, you name it. Just as masonry reviews all gods as equal to the trinity, it views all religious writings as equal to the Bible. And this again is contrary to reason. The Bible affirms the divinity of Christ. The Quran rejects Christ’s divinity. And that freemasonry holds both of them to reflect God’s will, certainly authored by the devil himself.”

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