A Former high-rank Freemason, attorney John Salza on how the Popes and Our Lady have called Freemasonry a religion, a sect and a cult

“The popes and our Lady have called freemasonry a religion, a sect and a cult. And now you can see why. Masonry has its own religious doctrines, its own rituals, its own unique prayers, its own names for God, its own symbols for God, its own names for heaven, its own symbols for heaven, its own theology, its own burial rights, its own covenants, it has a chaplain, it has vestments, it has meeting places called temples, it has consecration rights for lodges, it has music. It has feast days which mock Christianity, the feast day of John the Baptist on June 24 and John the Evangelist on December 27. It has its own calendar. Freemasonry doesn’t use Anno Domini. They use Anno Luchis – Lucifer, the year of Satan. They add four thousand years to 2010 so in masonry, it’s 6010.

Masonic authorities also say freemasonry is a religion and the popes have called masonry the synagogue of Satan. And now we know why.”

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