Weather Modification: Dubai’s Artificial Rain

In another blog, I have pointed at the fact of China’s cloud seeding, a weather modification program which was expanded to cause rain. After such a rain was induced, 2.2 million hectares of crops were dead due to drought. This is not only a deliberate destruction of food supply to usher in complete control but it is part of the ‘climate change policy’ to give you a solution to a problem that the Elites themselves create.

Another country modifies the weather and makes artificial rain. This is Dubai.

In an article in the New York Post, we read that Dubai has also resorted to cloud seeding. Officials in Dubai used drones to “shoot electrical charges into clouds, causing them to clump together” so that they, “artificially increase rainfall” when Dubai grappled, they say, “with oppressive heat”. Because heat now has become a problem. And their solution is to make it rain, artificially.

The usual ‘experts’ said that this technology “aims to make rain form more efficiently inside clouds and in doing so, make more water come down.”

Then, the media portal reports that “Footage shared on Sunday by the UAE’s National Center of Meteorology showed the intense showers flooding roads in addition to flashes of lightning.”

But then they will tell you that you are the problem for flooding, heatwaves, storms and extreme weathers in all seasons.

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