Weather Manipulation: The Company ‘Make Sunsets’ and ‘global cooling’

“A startup claims it has launched weather balloons that may have released reflective sulfur particles in the stratosphere, potentially crossing a controversial barrier in the field of solar geoengineering.”

“Geoengineering refers to deliberate efforts to manipulate the climate by reflecting more sunlight back into space, mimicking a natural process that occurs in the aftermath of large volcanic eruptions. In theory, spraying sulfur and similar particles in sufficient quantities could potentially ease global warming.” This is what they tell you. In reality, this is the cause of the extreme weather conditions which the world is experiencing, out of proportion.

If you think that this is another product of a fertile imagination, please note that it’s not technically difficult to release such compounds into the stratosphere.

According the the quoted article, scientists have mostly, THOUGH NOT ENTIRELY, refrained from carrying out even small-scale outdoor scientists because the whole thing is highly controversial and “little is known about the real-world effect of such deliberate interventions at large scales, but they could have dangerous side effects. The impacts could be worse in some regions than others, which would provoke geopolitical conflicts.”

But what about the fact that this is already being done via the chemtrail law where the U.S. Force is altering the weather, with the blessings of the governments? I will write about this in the future. Here is a weatherman accidentally admitting that the military is altering the weather:

But now we have the company Make Sunsets which has launched two balloons from a site in Mexico while attempting to “sell ‘cooling credits’ for future balloon flights that could carry larger payloads.”

Luke Iseman, the cofounder and CEO of Make Sunsets, said that these two launches occurred somewhere in the state of Baja California, where he “pumped a few grams of sulfur dioxide into weather balloons and added what he estimated would be the right amount of helium to carry them into the stratosphere.” He expected that once under an altitude pressure, the balloons would burst and release the particles. But they do not know what happened to the balloons because of the lack of monitoring equipment on board the balloons.

Make Sunsets hopes to expand the sulfur payloads, add telemetry equipment and other sensors, eventually transition to reusable balloons, and publish data following the launches in the future.

The company is already attempting to generate revenue from future flight cooling effects. It is offering to sell $10 “cooling credits” for releasing one gram of particles into the stratosphere—enough to offset the warming effect of one ton of carbon for one year, according to the company.

“What I want to do is create as much cooling as quickly as I responsibly can, over the rest of my life, frankly,” Iseman says, adding later that they will deploy as much sulfur in 2023 as “we can get customers to pay us” for. 

“The company says it has raised $750,000 in funding from Boost VC and Pioneer Fund, among others, and that its early investors have also been purchasing cooling credits.”

Because first they brainwashed us with ‘global warming’, which has now been changed to ‘global boiling’ and now they even want to start selling you the ‘global cooling’.

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