The Horrific Practice of Child Trafficking for Sex Exploitation in America

Childlovers are everywhere. In this piece, I will tackle the horrific practice of human and child trafficking in America.

According to Huffpost, 100,000 children are victims of sex trafficking in America every year, where most victims are smuggled through the country through the southern border. “According to federal law, anyone younger than 18 who engages in prostitution is considered a sex trafficking victim.” To shed further light on these horrific crimes, Carol Smolenski, ECPAT-USA executive director, had explained who is most at risk and what needs to be done to protect these children. She noted that “vulnerable children, particularly those who have already been subjected to abuse, are prime targets.” She added that a pimp had told the organization: ‘These kids have been raped so many times that it’s my job to convince them that they may as well get paid for it.'”

According to the UNODC report of 2022, 97% of the detected victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation are women and girls.

According to a study published Journal of the Pediatric Health Care, titled “Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Health Care Use and Case Characteristics”, 300,000 underage girls are sold for sex in America per year. The typical age of a trafficking victim sold into prostitution for the first time is that of 12 to 14 years old.

According to an article published on the website of the Washington State Office of the Attorney General, a trafficked minor is sold fifteen times a day for sex.

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