The comment of Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli lacked empathy and understanding towards the Maltese nation

There is nothing better than having a minister coming up with advice for all those who are suffering due to the shameful, lengthy, unprecedented power cuts that this country is enduring, during the hottest season of all.

And who is this minister? Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli, one of those female representatives in our parliament who makes me question why is it that the rest of the female population has to be represented by such female representatives in the city assemblage!

In an article by Newsbook, we read that Farrugia Portelli’s solution to all those having to endure long power cuts in the middle of a normal, summer heatwave, is to read a book until the power supply returns.

This solution came after the same Farrugia Portelli posted a photo of her smiling and posing, after a visit to the Mtarfa public library, as if Malta is walking on sunshine at the moment! In response to such a photo, a citizen complained that while ministers pose for photos, “the majority of the Maltese people are fed up by your actions”. To this comment, Farrugia Portelli replied that she too was without electricity, that she understands that the situation is not a happy one, but that we should all read a book until the power comes back on.

Excuse me, is this the time to come up with such useless, nonsense advice? And this criticism comes from a booklover like myself! It does not only require more effort to concentrate to read a book in a kind of summer where everything is running smoothly without power cuts, but telling the people to read a book until the power supply returns, not after an hour or two but after two, three or four days, is nonsense! And it is quite unempathic to post such a photo of smiles and positivity, pretending that everything is running smoothly in this country, when the gentiles are extremely frustrated and angry and rightly so! Politicians at this time should show empathy and emotional distress even in their body language, and see to the needs of the gentiles!

Clearly, minister Julia Farrugia Portelli should learn how to be empathic and understanding with the Maltese nation and say something which makes sense accordingly.

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