The Alta Vendita: Letter from Cardinal Consalvi to the Prince of Metternich, dated January 4, 1818

In this series, I will be publishing parts of the masonic blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church. This will help the readers consolidate the speech and research done by former freemason, attorney John Salza. What I am reproducing here is fragments of the vendita published in the book of Crétineau-Joly, L’Eglise romaine et la Révolution, after some documents were released to him by Pope Gregory XVI, so that he can compose the history of secret societies. I am reproducing them as they are found in this work and were published online.

Now, the Alta Vendita has a very historical importance. It has obviously parts related to the historic period of its time, during the times of the Carbonari but, research is also pointing to the fact that although parts of this blueprint were executed, with others failing, there are other parts of its agendas which the world is witnessing today because such agendas were taken up by secret societies. This has thus become an intertwining between history repeats and history in the making. To facilitate understanding, I have marked these parts in bold. Future pieces will facilitate the readers to understand how the statements marked in bold are happening now.

I. Letter from Cardinal Consalvi to the Prince of Metternich, dated January 4, 1818.

“The Holy See manifests the knowledge it has of the danger that Carbonarism, at the head of which will soon be placed Alta Vendita, puts society to run:

so as not to be reduced to a repression that will only increase the evil. The elements that make up the secret societies, especially those that serve to form the soul of Carbonarism, are still dispersed, badly merged orin ovo : but we live in a time so propitious to conspiracies, so rebellious to the feeling of duty, that the most vulgar circumstance can very easily form a formidable aggregation of these councils scattered here and there. Your Excellency does me the honor of telling me, in his last letter, that I am perhaps too deeply disturbed by some quite natural jolt after such a violent storm. I would like my presentiments to remain in the state of chimera: nevertheless I can no longer cradle myself in such a cruel hope.

From all that I gather from various quarters, and from what I conjecture for the future, I believe (You will see later, if I’m wrong) that the Revolution has changed course and tactics.

Now it no longer attacks thrones and altars with an armed hand, it will content itself with undermining them with incessant calumnies: it will sow hatred and distrust between the governments and the governed; she will make some hateful by pitying others. Then one day the most secular monarchies, abandoned by their defenders, will find themselves at the discretion of a few low-status intriguers to whom no one deigns to accord a glance of preventive attention.

You seem to think, Mr. Prince, that in these fears expressed by me (but always by verbal order of the Holy Father) there is a preconceived system and ideas that can only be born in Rome. I swear to VA that by writing to you and addressing the High Powers, I divest myself completely of any personal interest and look at the matter from a much higher point. Not stopping to consider it now, because it has not yet entered, so to speak, the public domain, is condemning oneself to belated repentance.

dear Prince, acquired and inspired confidence: may you still increase this universal glory of yours, making it impossible for novice conspirators to harm others as well as themselves. The great statesmen shine in this art of foresight and advance calculation; she will be careful not to fail in her vocation”.

The language of the Holy See was not understood, its warnings were despised. Shortly afterwards the Alta Sale was formed.

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