Is Professor Andrew Azzopardi pushing for a national climate emergency?

In an article by another propaganda machine,, we read about the post of Professor Andrew Azzopardi:

[National Emergency – In those temperatures all those skilled workers who work outdoors, especially those in the construction industry, should not go to work while still being paid until this heat subsides. For me this is a national emergency (like Covid-19) and now they are even issuing the red code…Is it right, that those who go for a swim and enjoy themselves, are all the time given advice but for those who work in the construction industry and work outdoor, it is as if the matter is insignificant.]

Now, I can understand that Profs Andrew Azzopardi, being the Dean of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, is concerned about the wellbeing of such workers. I also share such concern.

What worries me is that he uphelds it as a ‘national emergency’ while comparing it as being au par with Covid-19, which was also declared an emergency.

Three years down the line from the pseudo-pandemic and we still have people who are not the least suspicious about this pseudo-pandemic and the agendas it fomented.

Three years down the line and now we have the first appeal for a (climate) national emergency. Or should we say climate lockdowns? If those workers won’t go to work while still being paid, will they have to remain home or can they can go for a swim and enjoy themselves? And what worries me is the way the masses are shifted to accept anything.

And if this will be the case, then shall we start doing climate lockdowns when it rains cats and dogs; during flooding; when it’s highly windy or when it’s so cold that even finding the car keys with fingers which have turned numb is a feat?

I know self-employed builders who turn their working hours around according to the season. For example, in the summer heat, they start earlier and finish by noon.

What about appealing to the employers to safeguard the wellbeing of their employees by finding a balanced way of having the work flow running smoothly without being disrupted while the employees do not have to endure any kind of harm which might harm their wellbeing? What about teaching about hydration, reflective clothing, etc? It is not the end of the world, isn’t it?

If we must take up the example of the construction industry, then it is better if we start putting pressure on safety equipment and measures and that works are done professionaly so to avoid deaths!

If we are going to start shouting for (climate) ‘national emergencies’ in the same way that the masses shouted ‘lockdowns’ during the pseudo-pandemic Covid-19, then we might as well declare ourselves slaves to the government and other authorities!

Because, dear readers, it doesn’t matter if it’s Covid, the war on terror or climate change. The con is always the same. They first weaponise fear around an invisible threat. Then they tell you that they’re the only ones who have the special equipment to see or measure that invisible threat. Then they use your fear or apprehensive infused mind like a yo-yo, to control you and make you dance like a circus monkey, based on threats that never existed in the first place!

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