Greenpeace co-founder, Dr Patrick Moore explains why climate grifters promote the politically motivated ‘climate emergency’ myth

In this interview, Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore, discusses how he came to join the fledgling group that founded Greenpeace, the young organization’s bold endeavors and significant victories in its early years, and the details behind his decision to leave the organization after 15 years of devoted involvement.

Moore’s thorough understanding of the Earth’s geologic time scale, as well as contextualization of climate change, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere, and extreme weather events, among other things, is solid and fascinating. Moore, a true environmentalist, is a rare example of someone who prioritized his principles over all else.

At the 11.06 mark he talks about how Greenpeace was hijacked by the political left.

At the 12:06 mark he talks about how it is absolutely essential for science to be separate from politics.

At the 28:17 mark he talks about how the consensus is bought and paid for and how scientists who disagree with the consensus are discredited.

In his words, the reason why climate grifters promote the politically motivated “climate emergency” myth:

“If you don’t go along with the [human-cased climate apocalypse narrative], you’re not getting any money, period. The ‘consensus’ is being bought and paid for. The scientists, the media [and] the greens [are] all in cahoots together, making a whole pile of money out of this.”

Full interview can be watched here:

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