Geologist Professor Ian Plimer explains how the concept of wind and solar renewables is a scam

Now this whole concept has given us renewables. Now these renewables made a complete rewiring of the grid. These renewables – wind and solar – if you want to build them, you expend more energy in building them than you do that they’ll produce. If you want to build wind and solar, the amount of carbon dioxide to build them is more than they’ll save. So, why spend trillions? It’s just not right. We also have that dam flowing on to hydrogen – not enough time for that – electric vehicles or pumped hydra. But what we’re doing is we are making ourselves very vulnerable in this country. Our solar and wind solar panels and wind turbines come from China. Our wind turbines and solar panels have a very short life. If we kill off our coal and gas generation and have no nuclear, China completely controls the amount of energy we can produce in this country. That is really strategically stupid.

And there’s only one country in the world that’s really survived by using solar and it’s Spain. I mean the Spaniards are incredibly clever and they have learned to be able to generate solar power at night. You heard that correctly. So, how do they do it?  Well, it’s very simple. The subsidies are so generous that you can afford to run a diesel gen set and floodlight the solar panels and still make a quit. And that is telling us that this is a scam. The whole lot is a con and a scam. And yeah, I forgot the birds and the bats and the scenery and farmland getting destroyed by solar and wind. We all know about that, but do we know that if we put up solar panels, they are built by slave labour in China. So, if you’re a supporter of solar, you obviously must be a supporter of slavery. If you are wandering around in your electric vehicle, prancing around morally superior, then you need to be able to answer the question: “Well, why is it that you are driving an electric vehicle with that cobalt, most of it comes from the Congo and is mined by black, slave children and the cobalt goes to China. Justify that.” And that’s where we Conservatives have gone wrong. We’ve been on the back foot. We’ve never attacked, and we have to attack the morality of the other side. It’s very easy to do because there is nothing there.

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