A Maltese citizen called Profs Charmaine Gauci a liar for insisting that the Covid-19 vaccines are not causing blood clots

When Profs Charmaine Gauci went on the Tell-A-Vision Malta to tell the Maltese nation another lie, which is that there are no cases of blood clots related to the Covid-19 vaccines, a Maltese citizen called her a liar due to the fact that her daughter was diagnosed with a blood clot after taking the same vaccines:

[You liar, liar. Visit hospital so to witness my daugher getting injected in her tummy because she has a blood clot, three weeks after taking it (the vaccine). Come, come to hospital so you can see with your own eyes. Liar and double-faced and the other one knows too – Fearne knows too – He is another Pinocchio like you.

Do not take heed of her. Do not take it. Refuse it. Please stand up and open your mind.]

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