When Profs Charmaine Gauci went on the Tell-A-Vision Malta to tell the Maltese nation another lie, which is that there are no cases of blood clots related to the Covid-19 vaccines, a Maltese citizen called her a liar due to the fact that her daughter was diagnosed with a blood clot after taking the same vaccines:

[You liar, liar. Visit hospital so to witness my daugher getting injected in her tummy because she has a blood clot, three weeks after taking it (the vaccine). Come, come to hospital so you can see with your own eyes. Liar and double-faced and the other one knows too – Fearne knows too – He is another Pinocchio like you.

Do not take heed of her. Do not take it. Refuse it. Please stand up and open your mind.]

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    1. Marica Micallef

      Dear Mr Azzopardi,

      Thank you for your contribution and comment. Yes it is. In fact, the title and the article use verbs in the past. However, this site is not about giving only the latest news. It is about the Truth movement. And I respect also the person who sent me the screenshot as this site welcomes all those who want to be part of this movement. Needless to say, it does not mean that the Covid-19 vaccines stopped causing blood clots. Whether it was 2021, 2022 or 2023 – it is really just a time issue which in my opinion, in certain contexts, it is not crucial. I hope that my explaination clarified your query. Sure, I would insert the links. My apologies for that. Thank you for your readership, God bless you. In Christ, Marica.

  1. Peter Azzopardi

    Thank you Marica!

    I’m not disputing that both families of CV-19 vaccines (mRNA or viral vector) cause clotting. They do (example story here: https://twitter.com/TimSurvivedThis/status/1680664487647477763).
    The TVM News 2021 article was really about Profs Gauci defending:
    1. the Gov’t’s purchase of one million doses of AstraZenica, and2. the reports that AstraZenica vaccine was the one causing clots.
    Two years is a long time in this still fast developing story. If Profs Gauci doubted the clotting story then, it doesn’t mean she doubts it now.

    Anyway keep up the good fight.

    1. Marica Micallef

      Thank you Mr Azzopardi. I respect your feedback. If she does not doubt it now, then she must go again on tv and say that the vaccine is causing blood clots and apologise. One lie is always a lie, no matter the time span passed. No government worldwide has come out to apologise to what they did to whole nations and no government is admitting that the vaccines are causing deaths and health issues. I wish you a lovely day ahead. God bless you. In Christ, Marica.

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