A former high-rank Freemason attorney John Salza on the origins of Freemasonry

“Briefly, the origins of Freemasonry. Evidence is that Jews, Russian Jews, created freemasonry to subvert and mock the religion of Jesus Christ and there are many elements of Judaism in masonic ritual for example the mosaic laws mentioned that King Solomon’s temple, the sanctum sanctorum and so forth.

Masons generally claim that their craft arose out of operative freemasons who used to build the physical structures, the cathedrals in Europe. But during the Enlightenment period, and this was a period during which there was a movement of free men from ecclesiastical authority and supernatural revelation, there was a movement to invite others into freemasonry: bankers, lawyers, merchants etc and that’s called speculative freemasonry. So, freemasonry practice today, is ultimately a spiritual organization because just as the operative masons used to build the physical structures, today’s freemasons seek to build the spiritual structure – the soul and its rituals are spiritually oriented. And freemasonry’s rejection of the supernatural truths of the faith and its promotion of naturalism are clearly embodied in masonic ritual and I’m now going to give you some examples.”

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