A former high-rank Freemason attorney John Salza explains why Our Lady of Fatima chose Portugal because of the strong connection between Fatima and Freemasonry

“Now back to Fatima. Why Portugal? Why did our Lady come there? Well like Ecuador, like Mexico, like Spain, there was a masonic revolution in Portugal. In 1910 the masons killed the king, king Carlos. They set up a provisional government by force of arms and they immediately began to attack the church. They suppressed religious orders. They banished clergy. They stole church property. They outlawed the oaths that were required to be sworn in court. Even the oaths that children had to swear to defend the Immaculate Conception. They legalized divorce. They called marriage a civil contract only. They required work on religious holidays. In fact, the masonic square and compasses even appeared on Portuguese currency. And the leader of Freemasonry, Juan Magalas Lima declared that masonry would destroy the faith in Portugal. And it was under these conditions that our Lady came to Portugal.

In fact, our Lady’s statement that in Portugal, the dogma will always be preserved as a response, a direct response to the declaration of Portuguese freemasonry that they would destroy the faith.

You see the strong connection between Fatima and Freemasonry. We all know what happened after our Lady appeared. Arturo Santos, the mayor, the masonic mayor, fought against the movement of Fatima. He himself was a mason. He founded his own masonic lodge in Fatima, and we know what he did to the three sisters. He kidnapped the children. He imprisoned them. He threatened to kill them.

There was a local lodge at Santarem which mocked the visions about freemasonry. They had masonic processions through Fatima, chanting blasphemous litanies to our Lady. They stole religious articles. Their hatred was so fanatical against Fatima that on March 6, 1921, they bomped the chapel at the Cova. But something happened. In 1931, the bishops decided to consecrate Portugal to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, hence affecting a counter-revolution.

President Bernardino Mercado, who was a masonic president, fell from power and Antonio Salazar rose to power in 1935, banned freemasonry. And just as masonry was defeated in Portugal through the act of consecration, so the same will happen once the pope consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Fatima however is still a target of freemasonry. In 2003 there was a pan-religious gathering at the Paul VI centre, adjacent to the site of Fatima where pagans came in and talked about how their worship and their sanctuaries were important. And if you read the accounts of this pan-religious gathering, the Fatima revelations were never mentioned. An ecumenism of non-conversion was preached and the church’s infallible teaching Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus, no salvation outside the church was effectively denounced. In other words, they preached freemasonry at Fatima. This is more evidence of our Lady’s warnings of the masonic movement toward a one world religion.”

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