Why the nation should not trust the coalition of apparatchiks behind Matthew Caruana Galizia.

The former PN apparatchik of the Arriva fiasco Manuel Delia of “Truth be told” my foot had made fun of this site when freemasons were mentioned as being implicated because for him the plan of this site to which plan I do not know he is referring to has gone wrong and “aliens next”.

The former PL appointed chairman executive of the National Book Council Mark Camilleri who at the time was passionate about the PL and a rent-seeker but who has now turned into a PN apparatchik and a rent-seeker in the coalition of PN apparatchiks “wrote a blog and accused Professor Simon Mercieca that he is getting information about the involvement of Freemasons in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia for Yorgen Fenech’s mother.” Camilleri called Simon Mercieca a mafioso because of this. Yet Camilleri has no scruples in publishing chats on which there was a ban from the court. Yet if Camilleri was given a list of politicians who are freemasons together with information of the place where they meet and what is discussed then Camilleri would already be leaking it out and seeing to it. And yet because I have this list and other information then it makes Simon Mercieca a mafioso and because we are discussing the very complex subject of freemasonry, then Camilleri jumps to false conclusions that I was given information about the involvement of freemasons in Daphne’s murder on behalf of Yorgen’s mother when I do not know, have never met, and am not in touch with Mrs Patricia Fenech!

It is none of Camilleri’s business how I conduct investigative journalism. Surely I did not breach any law with the help of another law-breaker or escaped to another country. Neither do I have a coalition behind me who goes out to defend me and asks for my protection. So far none of these pseudo-bloggers, the media and the coalition have had the guts to direct their reference towards me or mention me by my name. So far they have either hinted at me or responded to a blog of mine without mentioning me directly or tried to discredit me. Tant l-aħjar. It is a validation for me that unless I trigger then I cannot bring a change in the paradigm shift. It is a validation for me that I can’t put my voice out there without provoking others; that I can’t manifest my gifts without inciting jealousy in others and that I can’t find my light unless I irritate someone as it just goes with the territory. So I let the readers speculate as to why and I let the readers reflect as to who are the bloggers and journalists who are protecting the freemasons and why this site is getting on the nerves of those protecting them.

Then we had another pseudo-opinionist joining the bandwagon. This is Profs Kevin Cassar of the school of wizardry and sorcery and consultant vascular surgeon and clinical lead of the vascular unit at the deadly Covid-19 protocol planet of Mater Dei. In another of his ‘spread meanness’ articles titled “The wrong of rudeness: Mercieca’s meanness” he also slandered the name of the University of Malta from which he ironically graduated the first time and in which he is an associate professor of surgery! Former PN apparatchik of the Arriva Fiasco Manuel Delia had written that Simon Mercieca is a menace to society. Excuse me but both Delia and Cassar are two men whose brain cells did not move away from the narrative of the pseudo-pandemic which they have endorsed! But then Profs Kevin Cassar backed up Matthew Caruana Galizia, when he hinted at Profs Mercieca being a single celled organism.

No wonder Mark Camilleri and Manuel Delia try to slander this site while the Repubblichino apparatchik Aquilina brother of the Galizias’ lawyer Karol Aquilina of the “tal-fardal” and “brother” exchange with freemason Carol Peralta had slandered Profs Mercieca’s name inside the University walls.  The Repubblichini and its supporters had also asked for his expulsion. The Caruana Galizia family who is also represented by Jason Frejjeġ u Gideb Opus Dei Azzopardi had requested the University to expel Simon Mercieca for writing about their case.

In lieu of the exclusive information we had that Daphne had received a leaked dossier about the extramarital affair that her husband was having with a court architect in which there was also information about the extramarital affair of Jason Azzopardi now we should ask and reflect upon as to why did Azzopardi decide to leak to Mark Camilleri chats of a private sexual nature when Daphne had information about his extramarital affair. If Daphne is still alive by now we might have had exposure of Azzopardi’s chats of private sexual nature.

It is also apt to ask if Daphne had proof of the blues and the reds who are in cahoots with other blues and reds while making us believe they are fighting each other. We should ask who are these blues and reds who are protecting each other because of internal pacts they made to protect each other. Thus this again connects us to the leaked chats by former PL rent-seeker Mark Camilleri given to him by former PN politician Jason Azzopardi, member of the Opus Dei, an organization founded on the structure of freemasonry but which like freemasonry hides behind a well-meaning façade. Opus Dei makes us believe that its goal is to implement Christian ideals while freemasonry makes us believe that its goal is to do charity by colluding businessmen of various religions together. It is not the case for both. About this later.

This again makes us wonder why Azzopardi is not being prosecuted for being in contempt of court and committing a criminal offence. We ask why no deep investigations about Labour political members like Chris Cardona and Keith Schembri were done by the police. Then the readers should now understand that in the brotherhood of the brethren there are no political colours. The PN and the PL have become one.

No wonder the rats started coming out so to distract the nation from the cats. We had the Repubblichini, Manuel Delia, Matthew Caruana Galizia and all the media defending Mark Camilleri. We had also Azzopardi with his usual distractive hypocritical games of lies on his Facebook posts leading the nation astray. We have Delia quoting a post of the deputy Attorney General Philip Galea Farrugia in one of his articles. The coalition is trying to expand itself because in reality it is weak to the core. The nation should stop following and giving credit to this dangerous coalition, the real menace to society in its plan to side-track the truth.

This coalition truly reminds me of when narcissists gang together in order to make others believe they are noble martyrs. Malignant narcissists also pretend to be many things by twisting the truth and creating falsehoods. They are hypocrites of the highest order. The target of the attack of the pro-abortion coalition happened to be a pregnant woman: Rosianne Cutajar who was not backed up neither by Robert Abela nor by the Labour Party Executive Committee while being overtly attacked by the hypocritical blues and the same Azzopardi who had leaked the chats. There is no beating around the bush: the attack was directed against a woman who happened to be carrying life inside her in the miracle of pregnancy and birth because the push for abortion and the dehumanisation of women is in full swing here and abroad. Yet none of the feminists defended Cutajar. Because even females can be narcissists – the self-absorbed and often cruel type who differ from the male narcissists in the fact that they tend to be in competition with other females for superiority.

The revolving doors in both political parties in cahoots with the court and the police force are in full swing in the quest to side-track the truth from the whole nation and the whole world from who is/are the mastermind/s behind Daphne’s murder and who are the crooks protecting them due to the internal pacts which have to be obeyed.

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