Manuel Delia I can’t even about Jason Azzopardi.

Manuel Delia of “Truth be told” in his quest to suppress the truth under a veil of hypocrisy and hate wrote an article titled “I can’t even”.
I can’t evenis an emotional exclamation in response to an event. It’s an expression that denotes many emotional responses that the user can’t even comprehend what has been said or seen which renders a person speechless because they’re so incredulous.

Ironically Delia wrote that the phrase “I can’t even” is a phrase used by his daughter which she didn’t pick up from him when she ends sentences of muted outrage with “and I can’t even”. Good girl! She has learnt not to pick up phrases from her dad and she is is already using the trick when it necessitates to be shrewd with the devious.

His article is alongside those of the media a slander for a change about Dr Charles Mercieca one of Yorgen Fenech’s lawyer. He writes “Charles Mercieca the 26 year old lawyer who quit the attorney general’s office after just a few months working there to join the lawyers defending Yorgen Fenech has been hired by the university to teach law students about bribery and corruption. And I can’t even.”

I remind the readers that this site has asked questions about whether Manuel Delia is earning 30k from Repubblika as he appears on the Repubblichini’s website as its Executive Officer. Neither Repubblika nor Manuel Delia have denied it and I can’t even.

I remind the readers that Manuel Delia is also funded by the saintly EU for his articles. Most probably this is thanks to the Galizias and the foundation. And I can’t even. One also wonders from where does Mark Camilleri get his income. And I can’t even.

I remind the readers that Jason Azzopardi had made a judicial protest wherein he referred to those criticising him and Manuel Delia as Yorgen Fenech’s mercenaries. It is good to know that I am now probably being considered as another mercenary among the various ‘noms de plume’ I have been called since the start of this journey and I can’t even.

Then coincidentally Delia backed up the deputy Attorney General Philip Galea Farrugia when he adds “I checked in the hope there’s some other Charles Mercieca in the legal profession. There isn’t. There’s only the former Labour junior minister Franco Mercieca’s precocious son. The day he switched sides from prosecutor in Yorgen Fenech’s case to his defender his former boss and prosecutor in the state’s case against Yorgen Fenech had this to say without specifically referring to Charles Mercieca”:

I see the green-eyed monster that mocks the meat it feeds on lurking somewhere…..

“This guy whose only two clients ever in his professional career that has barely gone on for longer than an elephant’s pregnancy were Joseph Muscat and Yorgen Fenech is going to teach new lawyers what the criminal code says about bribery and corruption.

Rasna mistrieħa mela.”

This coalition truly reminds me of when narcissists gang together in order to make others believe they are noble martyrs. Narcissists have the habit to make you think that they care and they want for example justice but if you observe them consistently it becomes painfully obvious that they only say that when they themselves want exceptional treatment while pretending to be mistreated all while they mock and bully actual victims of abuse.
Malignant narcissists also pretend to be many things by twisting the truth and creating falsehoods. They are hypocrites of the highest order. The bringing together of Delia’s article and Philip Galea Farrugia’s comment reminds me of the typical narcissists who often form alliances with others to attack and discredit a person while pretending that others agree with them even when they don’t. Mark Camilleri and Jason Azzopardi are part of the same gang.

If Delia’s site is truly about ‘truth be told’ then I would have expected to find an article of his somewhere about Jason Azzopardi who also happened to be one of the lecturers at the University of Malta who lectures “Principles of Criminal Law.” Delia in the quest of ‘truth be told’ would inform the readers that albeit Azzopardi lectures about PRINCIPLES of criminal law he definitely does not abide by any principle but has instead committed a criminal offence and broke the law when he leaked court protected data to Mark Camilleri which makes the two tango. Delia would also add that the ‘uncontrolled sharing of documents has persisted from the beginning of proceedings to today’ since Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers had described Azzopardi as having undertaken ‘consistent actions in disseminating documents that have been sealed by court order’.” This is the real ‘truth be told’ – that of sticking to the principle of honesty and truth without endorsing agendas. It is that of impartiality. So I let the readers analyse as to why Delia defends the indefensable and attacks the defensable. And I can’t even.

Also I remind the readers that Azzopardi was the same lecturer who had threatened a university student and a court employee with failing her in the exam if she dared to quote a decree that was issued by the Magistrate Courts because Azzopardi “who prides himself as the champion of honesty the bulwark of the Catholic faith and the rule of law” “did not agree with the verdict passed by the Magistrate in her decree because it was not in his favour. It was in this spirit that he threatened the student that if she quoted such a decree in the exam he would fail her.” Yet Manuel Delia did not write about it. The University of Malta did not take any action. And I can’t even.

But then for Delia Dr Charles Mercieca should not have a post at the University of Malta and should not be defending Yorgen Fenech because of his age. Maybe the University of Malta should insert two new courses in the B.A. Communications course. One titled “How to write terror media” and another titled “How to spread hatred”. Most probably there will be two prospective applicants for it: Manuel Delia of ‘Terror be told’ and Mark Camilleri of the ‘Ġaħan fl-aqwa żminijiet.’ Profs Cassar might also shift from his current lecturing university post and give some hints with Azzopardi resigning from his current lecturing post and helping the new appointed lecturers with backdoor write-ups about how to disguise yourself as the oracle of truth while being a champion of hypocrisy lies the bulwark of anti-Catholism and the breaking of the law ” and I can’t even.

Rasna mistrieħa mela and I can’t even.

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