Geologist Professor Ian Plimer explains how the doomsday climate models supported by climate grifters have no supporting data and evidence (2)

“We have seen that we’ve had six great ice ages. During that ice age we had the ice expand – that’s a glaciation or that it will contract – that’s interglacial.

We are currently in an interglacial of an ice age that started on a Thursday that started 34 million years ago and the ice had come and gone.In our last interglacial sea level was about seven meters higher. Temperature was about five degrees warmer. So if someone said this is the hottest day on record you have to ask ‘Since when?’ If it’s the hottest day in the last hundred and twenty thousand years then that is a record. But since when? So if we go to the peak of our interglacial which was about 4000 years ago it was about five degrees warmer. So it’s cooler than the hottest temperature on record. If we go to the time of Jesus when it was warm it’s about four degrees cooler than then. If we go to the Dark Ages go to the Viking Age we’ve actually warmed up since then. If we go to the medieval warming we’ve cooled down since then. And if we go to the little ice age we’ve warmed up since then. So since when? And I know this is going to surprise you but we’ve just come out of a little ice age. What do you think temperature is going to do? Fall or rise? It’s been rising since the morning minimum more than 300 years ago. So it is no surprise that if you have cut off times for temperature or for sea level or for hurricanes or whatever you spin whatever yarn you want to spin. These six great ice ages started when we had more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now. We have 0.04% of that gas in the atmosphere which is meant to be a pollutant which is odourless colourless and tasteless. But this pollutant is meant to kill you.

We have a problem with a crisis. It’s not a crisis of climate. It’s a crisis of common sense. It’s a crisis of government policy. It’s a crisis of education. And we hear words like emissions. Well that means nothing to me because the atmosphere has changed in its carbon dioxide content from over 20% to know which is really low in geological time. If we halved it all plant life would die and animals would die.
So we have a problem with language like climate crisis or extinction or emergency or transition? Now what about Net Zero?
We are blessed with a small population having a continent. We emit per capita quite a bit of carbon dioxide. And this is because we are a mining and a smelting nation. We are taking a hit for other nations by smelting aluminium zinc lead and copper. And if we look at the total emissions of Australians and then we look at the total amount of carbon dioxide that we absorb through our grasslands our rangelands our crops our forests and our continental shelf we only absorb 10 times as much carbon dioxide as we emit. So we have to revise that Paris agreement and go to them and say ‘look we want these incredibly wealthy countries that put out carbon dioxide like Chad and Mauritania to pay up give us some money. We’re doing our bit.’ So this whole business is ridiculous.

This is gone berserk.

We are now told what we can eat.And you can do the sums for beef by growing beef and sequestering carbon dioxide. We actually add a net zero process already. No one is telling the greens  what they can eat. We don’t say to the greens ‘You’re not allowed to eat tofu because no animals died in that process’. But they are doing it to we healthy meat eaters. And we had one of our former Prime Ministers or prime monster telling us that this was the greatest moral crisis.

It is a moral crisis because the fundamentals of science are that you do not tamper with the original evidence. That has happened with our temperature record where the past has been cooled and it makes it look as if we’re warming. That is fraud and the whole process is based on fraud.

We are terrorising young children.We are scaring them witless about the end of the world and with a 30-second search on your mobile phone you would know that the world is not going to end; that the hurricanes the sea levels etc. – nothing to worry about.“

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