A former high-rank Freemason attorney John Salza speaks about how the errors of Russia warned by Our Lady at Fatima are the same errors of freemasonry.

“Now I’m going to turn to Fatima and try to give you a perspective of how Fatima and Masonry are connected. We know about the three secrets or the three parts of the secret: first we have a vision of hell. Secondly Our Lady revealed and warned of the errors of Russia and the need to consecrate Russia through Immaculate Heart and third there’s the vision of the bishop dressed in white.

So without any information what we see there is a warning of errors of people going to hell and somehow the church being involved because the pope is involved in the third part.

Then we have sister Lucia’s fourth memoire where she says in Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc. Of course implying that the dogma of the faith will not be preserved elsewhere. Why? Because of these errors. So what we have are the errors of Russia poisoning the world and the church and leading souls to hell. So what are the errors of Russia?

They are the same as the errors of freemasonry. They are one and the same. In short a rejection of Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. A rejection of God made man and the exaltation of man-made god. A rejection of the supernatural and an exaltation of the natural. That’s why masonry wants a religion of naturalism. We can all be brothers on the natural level but if we reject the supernatural level we cannot in the order of grace. We’re only brothers and sisters when we’re united to Christ in his mystical body through grace.

And so ultimately this is a question of God versus Satan. And that’s how sister Lucia put it. She said that Satan was in the mood for a decisive battle with Our Lady and we must choose.

Now I mentioned that Our Lady has warned us of these errors long before Fatima. And she did so in apparitions at Quito Ecuador at the end of the 16th in the beginning of the 17th century. These revelations prefigure Fatima and you’re going to see why.

Our Lady and Our Lord appeared to a religious named Sister Mariana de Jesus Torres and Pope Paul V has acknowledged these apparitions; they’ve been acknowledged by the church at large. In fact Sister Mariana’s body was exhumed in 1885, 271 years after she died incorrupt. And in one of the apparitions in 1582 Our Lord and Our Lady appeared to Sister Mariana and Sister saw Jesus Christ suffering His passion on the cross but coincident with Our Lord suffering Sister Mariana also saw the church with smoke entering the church enveloping the church that reminds us of Paul VI statement that the smoke of Satan has entered the church. Our Lord and Our Lady gave that revelation to Sister Mariana 400 years before Paul VI confirmed that it happened. And an angel of God appeared and said that God was going to give Sister Mariana a secret using the same terminology at Fatima. And the secret that was communicated by Our Lady was that God the Father was going to punish the criminal world for its sins and it was going to suffer these punishments in the twentieth century 400 years before then our current time.

Sister Mariana also saw three swords above Our Lord’s head and they represented the sins for which humanity was going to be punished: heresy impiety and impurity. Heresy of course reflects the doctrine of the church. Impiety deals with the expression of the doctrine and impurity deals with the morality that follows the doctrine.”

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