In the USA the image of Satan is sold to parents as an educational tool to develop children’s critical skills and philosophical thinking.

After the drag queen story telling to children in schools now comes Satan. Some recently shared photos which have gone viral have created hype and various different reactions. These photos show children being taught Satanism in libraries in the U.S. during the event called SatanCon organised by the Satanic Temple. Three of such photos are:

However AP news has reported that these were generated by AI and then posted online which has been confirmed to the Associated Press by the creator of such images the Pumpkin Empress. However the Pumpkin Empress said in his/her post that s/he would have loved to have been given a cool hat with horns when s/he was young. In addition the Satanic Temple the creator of SatanCon told AP that they do not hold satanic events for children.

Whatever the case the readers should know that back in November 2022 parents have slammed an “After School Satan Club” for children as young as five years of age calling it disgusting. The school in question is the Golden Hills Elementary School in Tehachapi California. Can you guess who founded this new after-school club? It was founded by the Reason Alliance and the Satanic Temple. Isn’t the Satanic Temple on record telling AP News that they do not hold satanic events for children?

This is definitely a lie as they did found this extracurricular after-school club. Paul Hicks the creator of such a club hit back “at the parents and said the reaction was to be expected.” He stated:

“We’ve already gotten threats against us. As I would often say there’s no hate like Christian love.”

“Dozens of concerned parents have voiced their anger at the after-school club online as one man expressed his concern in the Techapi Asks Rants and Raves Facebookgroup.

Joe Lathrop wrote: “So several people have told me that the new Satan after school club at Golden Hills elementary is not a religion but a philosophy club … Then why did they choose Satan? Why not the Jean Paul Sartre existentialism club? Why not the Descartes club?”

“They put Satan in the name for a reason. People should stop being intellectually dishonest and just own up to the fact that they want kids to worship Satan as a secular god.”

One parent responded in the group and claimed it was ‘sick’ to target children as young as five she wrote: “It’s just sick that they are targeting elementary school kids. Those are babies.”

Whilst one man said it was hypocritical of the school board to say they had no choice in the group being set-up.

He wrote: “The hypocrisy of the School Board..saying they have no choice… just try starting a Neo Nazi Club or a Pro Life Club and see how fast they run.”

Lucien Greaves a spokesperson for the “After School Satan Club” said the club is supposed to ‘educate children and encourage critical thinking.’
She added that despite the controversial name the group does not teach Satanism to kids.

So why is the Satanic Temple one of its founders?

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