The Dutch “Simply Naked” program got close to promoting paedophilia by having transgender and non- adults getting naked in front of children.

Lately a clip from the Dutch television show “Simply Naked” has again resurfaced. This clip originally aired in March 2021 depicts a scene in which children between the ages of 10 and 12 gaze at naked adults on a Dutch tv show for children.

This program which we are told has the aim to “promote body positivity” has received a lot of backlash from Conservatives because of the fact that it involves adult nudity. How is this promotion done? By having adults getting naked in front of a number of children.

Watch the footage from the 0.40sec mark to the one minute mark:

Do adults have to get naked in front of children to talk about and promote body positivity? According to the show host and co-producer Jannick Schow “Perhaps some people are like ‘Oh my God they are combining nakedness and kids.”“But this has nothing to do with sex it’s about seeing the body as natural the way kids do.”

But then it also happened that on one particular show the adult guests who had to undress themselves in front of these 10 to 12-year-olds are trangenders so that the children get the opportunity to ask them questions about their naked body. In this episode naked adults promoted transgenderism and sex change surgery as “euphoria.”

At one point the show host also tells the children “So it’s not just male and female. There’s an entire spectrum of genders besides male and female.”
When asked by the show host “It’s about the feeling that you have about your gender?” one adult replied “Yes. And that feeling can simply be a feeling but you can also do something about it. For example I had a surgery. But you can also be transgender and not undergo any surgeries.”
Another adult told the children: “As you can see there’s something in my underpants but I still have a vulva. I don’t feel comfortable with that body part therefore I am wearing my underwear with a packer.”

“The series’ developers say it has been ‘very carefully produced ’ is intended to educate children about the human body and that there are no questions about sex.”

“But critics have branded it ‘disgusting ’ with the leader of the right-wing FvD party Thierry Baudet saying it ‘comes close to promoting paedophilia’.”

“Left-wing MP Tunahan Kuzu called the programme ‘ridiculous’ and told his Twitter followers to write to the national broadcaster to complain.”
The conservative SGP party had also asked questions in parliament over why the programme was going ahead.

All this came after a preview of the series aired showed the varying reactions of the children and some of the questions which they had put to the adults.

One of the children said: ‘This is not a show I need to see.’ The other children had mixed reactions. Some said that when you think about it it is pretty normal.

This is what is being done to children – having them brainwashed through mental programming to think that this is normal.
It is a shame that not only this Woke program was not stopped but it also brought transgender guests to get naked in front of the children.

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