How the 2011 film “Contagion” showed how Covid will restrain and compel people to take the lethal Covid-19 vaccines.

Contagion is another predictive programming movie at its best brought to you by Hollywood.

It is Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 American medical thriller whose story revolves around the introduction of a vaccine to stop the spread of a highly contagious virus that is spread by respiratory droplets and fomites; attempts by medical researchers and public health officials to identify and contain the disease; the breakdown of social order as the virus spreads to the entire world and the loss of social order.

When Alan Krumwiede a character from the film unexpectedly approaches Dr. Sussman in public he describes the virus and compares the fear it inspires to that of well-known movie monsters as all of Godzilla King Kong and Frankenstein combined.

The threat of a virus he continues is what effectively restrains people and compels them to receive a vaccine that will bring the pharmaceutical cartels billions of dollars. He makes the implication that a virus as such is totally superfluous. The only thing that will make people submit to the pharmaceutical cartels is the threat or fear of it.

The medical industry was so certain that if they told their bought-and-paid-for media outlets to spread fear of a virus the sleepy masses would comply and be submissive to their drugs. The traumatized masses would immediately submit to their vaccine product. They were so certain of themselves that they made no attempt to conceal the fact that almost every major news program advertisement and media event were literally sponsored by the same pharmaceutical cartels particularly Pfizer who were marketing BOTH the Pfizer-sponsored fake pandemic AND the theoretical cure (i.e. vaccine) as a single medical package.

Here is a factual list of media programmes and news portals sponsored and brought to you by Pfizer:

Using the tactic of fear is not brand-new. For maximum profit it has long been standard practice in the medical and psychiatric industries to sell both the disease and the hypothetical cure as a single package.

The medical industry did not even try to hide the fact that everything was “Brought to You by Pfizer” because they were so sure that the mere threat of a virus would make people obedient to their product. And literally truckloads of it were purchased by every major hospital and healthcare facility in the world.

You will always find your solution if you follow the money.

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