Congressman Doug LaMalfa has educated a panel of climate grifters on the climate scam and left them speechless

When the House Transportation Committee held a hearing on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act congressman Doug LaMalfa an American politician serving as the U.S. representative for California’s 1st congressional district and a member of the Republican Party has left a panel of climate grifters speechless after schooling them on the climate scam:

“Panelists let me just go down the vine real fast. What per cent of our atmosphere is CO2? Take your best guess you don’t have to be accurate.”
Panelists – “Repeat that question.”

“What per cent of our atmosphere is CO2 carbon dioxide?”

The panelists all start firing percentages from five to seven to eight %.

“Well right well I appreciate that and I don’t mean to put you on ice. I asked that because all we hear is climate change climate change CO2. I heard a company on the panel saying you’re looking to change your vehicles to electric even though we don’t have the electric grid and me as a farmer wouldn’t be really happy running out and replacing 300 000 500 000 million dollar pieces of equipment because someone wants to be electric. The answer is 0.04%. Not 1%. Not half of a %. It is 0.04% It’s gone up from 0.03 over the last couple of decades. This is what we’re being all contorted into doing – tiny change in CO2. If we get below 0.02 plant life starts dying off. So let me ask Mr Boyd: ‘Are a lot of your vehicles tier four already or the vehicles that you know about in the industry?’”

Mr Boyd: “Yes”

“So that’s the cleanest burning diesel equipment you can get right?”

Mr Boyd: “Yes sir.”

“So why would anybody be anxious to go out and change all those vehicles that you’ve been upgrading in my home state of California. Carb has eliminated lots of equipment – trucks you known we’re going to be down at least 70 000 truckers and all because they don’t make a mandate for a newer vehicle so it’s going to be harder to get things from the ports. So I just wanted to underline this so that you all don’t get giddy into trying to make everything electric especially in my home state when they are shutting down the power grid and taking out hydroelectric dams and they barely kept in place the nuclear power plant for an additional five years which is 9% of our grid. I don’t know how we’re going to do this; I don’t know how you guys are going to do construction out remote areas where there isn’t power lines yet nearby or what have you in order to charge this stuff. Maybe you’ll bring generators.”

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