Can Minister Clifton Grima and Minister Michael Falzon explain if there is any agenda behind the courses being done in liaison with GEMMA?

On April 4 TVM told us that people would be trained on how to spend their money. In itself this is an innocuous statement. But many will approve of it because some individuals have problems with how they spend their money. This educational training was brought up with the co-ordination between the Ministry of Education the Ministry of Social Policy and the governmental financial capability portal GEMMA (

Some even thanked the minister for such an initiative which was seen as an educational measurement unless this is taken to have an ironical connotation:

Yet others have seen it as a first sign of government control over how we citizens spend our money. Therefore I am bringing to the attention of the readers a post I came across on Facebook which offers a very different perspective on this measurement announced by the government:

[Get ready and fasten your seatbelt because everything is ready for the next step!!

So almost all the ATMS in St Julians were removed to the point that you need to walk up to Balluta. People are receiving letters from the banks that if they are not going to give an explaination their bank accounts will be closed…..NOW what is next and I am sick and tired of saying it since the start of Covid is the upcoming Credit Score.Let me explain.

They will control your expenditure your tickets overspending overspeeding pending or late-payment bills and will block your account.

Prepare yourselves because they will do it nicely!!!!

Buckle up and get ready for one WORLD BANK.

This is the start of the control of your money. Rest assured that they don’t care how you spend your money! Open your mind. In a few days time they will limit how you spend your money through the banks. In the future come back and have a look again at this status and tell me if I was right.]

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