American geologist Randall Carlson: how climate totalitarians manipulated data to fit the climate change narrative.

American geologist Randall Carlson describes how climate totalitarians censor all scientists who criticize them and purposefully manipulate data to fit their alarmist narrative.

“The climate right now is no warmer than it’s been many times throughout history. Our baseline is now the lowest that carbon dioxide has been in 600 million years. As far as temperature change the IPCC’s first report of 1992 showed that the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was warmer than the present. Well this didn’t fit the narrative. So by the time the 1996 report came out it was a completely contrived graph called ‘The Hockey Stick’. So what they did was they got rid of the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age and so instead of the graph doing this they flattened it out and then they added an instrumental record on the end that looks like it’s going way up. The point is that the people that are calling them out on it are not getting the media coverage you know. Because look at this point there’s billions of dollars going into the whole climate change narrative.”

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