Why isn’t the protocol which was used on Covid-19 patients published on the “Health” Ministry website?

On the “Health” Ministry website one finds a “Covid-19 menu” page which deals with “MANDATORY standards and guidances for mitigation measures for the Covid-19 transition phase issued under the Public Health Act chapter 465.” That is that here one finds all the bullshit about social distance wearing a mask using hand sanitiser and the rest of the lies that they came up with.

And then the health ministry also blesses the public with information about various “health” protocols used for various diseases for when your body is not at-ease. There are 313 protocols at the moment with a few which were deleted. I am publishing all the screenshots of the current available “health” protocols just in case just like magic something is changed in this page after the publication of this blog:

Basically this page is a showcase of how Big Pharma is making billions out of you thanks to the authorization of the local health authority. But this is what they sell you as “health”:

Dr Fearne did you forget to ask for the uploading of the Covid-19 protocol used on allegedly Covid-19 patients like my dad when they were hospitalised by any chance?

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