What the hypocritical local media is not telling you about the conspiring coalition behind the Camilleri/Cutajar saga.

During the Camilleri/Cutajar saga our mainstream media is putting the focus on Rosianne Cutajar while presenting Camilleri as a hero but it failed to make the question as Edwin Vassallo rightly asked who gave these chats to Camilleri? Who is the mastermind/s behind this? Who passed on the chats to Camilleri? Who forms part of this coalition besides Camilleri and the mastermind? What illegality was breached besides the fact that there is an ongoing court case? Profs Simon Mercieca published an informative blog about this. But who is this person who is guilty of such leakages? Can we have the name or names? Are we going to continue having criminals going unpunished? If he is a Repubblichino does he work in court? Is he a lawyer? What snakelike filth is this?

This agenda in reality was stupid. What do you expect from the Repubblichinis and co? The furore that the public made was fuelled by the distractions of the media. What was shocking was having breaching of the law which is a very serious matter as this might point to the court.
Was it all pre-planned? Let us come up with a hypothesis shall we? Camilleri seeks rent in the Pieta’ House of the Puppet Show. The PN is already preparing to look like a hero once Camilleri publishes the chats. Or Camilleri weaved a lovely web for the PN knowing what he was going to publish soon. Camilleri is in cahoots with the mastermind/s to expose this chat with the excuse that Camilleri is fighting corruption. Or vice versa the mastermind/s is/are in cahoots with Camilleri. Is Camilleri also being paid by the mastermind/s or did he receive any gift for releasing these chats? Then we have all the media suddenly parroting this news and trumpeting it for days. Don’t you think that the media was given the go-ahead to publish this because it fits exactly in the coalition’s conspiring activity and agenda? Then suddenly we all saw the sneaky sly coalition coming out protecting Camilleri – PEN the Repubblichini Matthew Caruana Galizia and Manuel Delia. Then their (planned) protest was hurriedly put on stage under the pretense that journalists must be protected and that this country has had enough of corruption. What a farse! Dear nation keep calm because it is all staged bullshit but they are selling you filth framed as “we are fighting evil” when their agenda is evil like its creators and facilitators.

And take note that leakage of chats from the court when you have an ongoing court case is corruption and a scandal par excellence! Can you see why it was a private matter but which the hypocritical media and Delia are trying to sell you as not? In reality they are protecting the mastermind/s! This is the corruption we have dear readers.

And to top it all the local media and the coalition are guilty of actus reus and mens rea and the court can proceed to do a trial in absentia because they have driven the agenda of destroying the feel-good factor of the hopeful nation after Dr Delia’s landmark win in the Steward Health Care corrupt case. But the Caruana Galizia conspiring coalition wants to make this win theirs after failing purposefully to remind you that Daphne Caruana Galizia’s pen had often massacred Adrian Delia.

Surprisingly Prime Minister Robert Abela has come out defending Daphne Caruana Galizia in Parliament in the unique local political puppet show. I do not have any issues with Abela giving credit to some of Daphne’s articles. I do as long as they aren’t spiteful. Daphne had a unique way of writing and impeccable English but her hateful and spiteful modus operandi and her contradictory positions did not make her gain the respect of the public. Her writings often turned destructive rather than constructive. But can the fanatical Labourites explain Abela’s actions in using and quoting Daphne was right against Dr Delia after his win against Vitals? Do you smell rats? Could it be that Abela was going through the revolving door while joining and agreeing with the Caruana Galizia coalition?

Was the Labour government in cahoots with the conspiring coalition behind the Camilleri/Cutajar saga too by any chance? Could it be that the plan was for the engineered saga to turn the focus from Dr Delia’s landmark win and the support that the PN was getting to this story and when reluctant Labour voters see the hatred of the Galizia & Co coalition towards Cutajar they will have a change of mind?

Do you truly believe that they are fighting each other as they truly make you believe?

Who knows!? We have to walk miles in the politicians’ and the coalition’s shoes so to be able to start understanding them and judge them:

They are truly showing you that none of them gives a hoot about the country and all of you and so I conclude that Camilleri/Cutajar’s saga did not occur by accident but it was made to happen with whatever agenda they had in mind but with all of it staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.

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