Parents remind Gabi Calleja what she told them at a meeting: “children belong to the state”.

A page on Facebook entitled “Parents’ and Children’s Rights Movement” which was created in 2020 is now raising its voice against the LGBTIQA+ agenda which the woke government embracing the American agenda is imposing on the children at our schools.

The goal of this page is:

“This movement gathers parents coming from different faith political and social backgrounds living in Malta and Gozo who believe that it is the parents and not the State that have the principal responsibility to direct the education and upbringing of their own children and that parents should be involved in the decision-making processes of State laws and policies concerning children and children’s education. This movement also defends children’s rights and aims to protect children’s innocence and identity. It also supports the idea that the State and society should promote education aimed at protecting and strengthening the natural family.”

A post in this page states:

“Once Gabi Calleja said in a meeting with us parents that the children belong to the state and not to us parents.
We have a right to choose what is best for our children and this is not an equality matter or that we accept everyone as is.
But this is an agenda to indoctrinate the children from an early age. You have infiltrated schools with a curriculum on which surely no study has been done as to how it is going to affect the children and where no dialogue was done with parents who know their children best!
Everything is being imposed. You want to eliminate and chuck out the parents so that no one stops this agenda.”

Gabi Calleja can you verify and clarify?

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