Child sexual abuse through paedophilia is now being exhibited in the exhibition “MA PENSÉE SÉRIELLE.”

An “art” exhibition of the Swiss artist Miriam Cahn is currently being held in France at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. This exhibition started on the 17th of February and will continue up till the 14th of May.

The pieces are entitled “MA PENSÉE SÉRIELLE” meaning “My Serial Thinking”.

On researching about the artist one comes across the following information: that her artistic practice which was influenced by the emergence of second-wave feminism confronts the body in its materiality and makes us aware of current socio-political issues. It is stated that her work which is both menacing and ambiguous explores various facets of our bodily reality such as abjection vulnerability and ugliness and challenges us to face situations that we are frequently willing to ignore. She develops reflections on systems of violence power nuclear power feminism and sexuality while drawing on a variety of modern images that portray our humanity in order to achieve this.

And these are two of her paintings:

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