After Dr Adrian Delia’s landmark victory against Vital-Steward Hospital deal it is time for “We the Maltese people!” to overthrow both parties!

Malta has become the hub of corruption a name that MEPs governments officials and local and foreign lobbyists are making for the country “for your own good” and so that you can feel overjoyed by the corrupt practice of being sent cheques before an election!

We have now witnessed how Dr Adrian Delia won the landmark case against Vital-Steward Hospital deal done under the watch of ex-Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat with Konrad Mizzi who was in charge of the health portfolio at the time of the Vitals deal the current health minister Chris Fearne and Dr Robert Abela as legal advisor in Cabinet at the time. As we read on Malta Today this hospital saga:

“represents a dark space where people in power colluded with obscure private interests to the detriment of the public good” [in other words lobbying/bribery].

Newsbook reported that “The judge also questioned how the government allowed itself to get into this position suggesting that Steward’s actions were “possibly criminal”.”

And yet Dr Joseph Muscat jotted down some points of fantasy instead of explaining to you how did the government allow itself to get into this position. The points with my side-thoughts in brackets are:

“Intenni biss żewġ punti. L-ewwel nett nikkonferma l-istadji kollha fil-konċessjoni tal-isptarijiet li kienet tinkludi sptarijiet li kienu ilhom snin mitluqa jew magħluqa[thanks to former PN governments. And yet same tactic is used. “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past” – George Orwell.] saru b’diskussjonijiet kontinwi u deċiżjonijiet dokumentati tal-Kabinett [meaning that they either knew about the filthy contract from the beginning or that somewhere along the way corruption stopped and shook hands with one of or a few of those seated at the table. Still the prime minister has the role to be a watchdog and oversee that none of this happens!]. Biex sar hekk il-proċess kellu jgħaddi mill-iskrutinju legali[it is clear that it didn’t! Then what legal scrutiny? Of whom? Yours? Of Dr Abela as legal advisor of the Cabinet? Or any other legal firm? Or any other lawyer or minister? Of Dr Fearne or Konrad Mizzi? Who got corrupted through this lobbying process? Who is or are the highbinders in all this?]

It-tieni nett nilqa’ u anzi nħeġġeġ kwalunkwe investigazzjoni oħra li jista’ jkun hemm dwar din il-konċessjoni anki wara rapport tal-Awditur Ġenerali u kawża fil-Qorti. Dan għaliex irrid li l-fatti kollha jkunu magħrufa[which shows that no investigation was done when the deal was struck with Steward-Vitals.] Dejjem aġixxejt fl-interess tal-poplu u n-nies ta’ rieda tajba dan jafuh [but not in the corrupt lobbying platform of the local political theatre of the puppets’ show].

What gaslighting! He shifted all responsibility to the Cabinet while the Cabinet just offered a shallow two-line statement. But some people think otherwise:

Konrad Mizzi Dr Fearne and Dr Abela do you want to keep on declaring yourself innocent until proven otherwise in all this corrupt lobbying Steward-Vitals practice?

Mizzi like Muscat stood by the deal “insisting they acted in the public’s best interest.” By contrast Fearne has distanced himself from the whole affair saying he had very little to do with the original deal.

How pathetic and childish! We feel like we are in a kindergarten class because you are all so focused on distancing yourselves from this dishonest deal and washing your hands off it rolling the ball onto each other! Il-ħmar iwaħħal f’denbu u d-denb qed jerġa’ jwaħħal fil-ħmar!

Dr Abela as a legal advisor to the Cabinet at the time didn’t you have any clue of what was going on in the Steward-Vitals deal? Do you want to remind the public how your father’s firm “Abela Advocates” held license IIP 161 for the sale of Maltese citizenship which was dropped once you became Prime Minister?

Why is it that none of you now want to take accountability for selling out the hospitals the nation and the people?

And then we get the other side of the political puppet show – Bernard Grech his caravan comatose state and the liberal-clique corrupted sleepy PN. After Dr Adrian Delia had the courage to endure the road less travelled during this five year court case while other cowardly PN members gave him the cold shoulder because they were afraid that if they lose Steward-Vitals will take away their homes [but then they were not afraid to be passively complicit in this corrupt deal at the detriment of the Maltese taxpayers and nation] the PN tardy somnambulists and Bernard Grech made the victory their own giving you a press conference on the tell-a-vision telling you a vision of fallacy and fantasy. They climbed on Dr Adrian Delia’s successful wagon as if it belonged to their dormant tardy modus operandi! Dr Bernard Grech and all the bella compania you are not fit for purpose and it is time you pack your bags and bid farewell!

The local political theatre of the puppets’ show is a laughingstock as much as it is a “cryingstock”.

You are watching how we are living in a kakistocracy and lobbyists’ “pornocrats” full of empleomania.

Instead of the trolls and the masses fighting with and reminding each other as to which of their beloved party is the most corrupt it is time for the Maltese to get together and organise themselves against the government the PN their lobbyists and all the brigade while declaring their sovereignty before it is too late because we the people are fed up and we want our country back!

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