About Europride 2023 Rebecca Buttigieg and Daphne Caruana Galizia.

While the LGBTIQA+ agenda is tightening its hold on our children in schools the Equality Parliamentary Secretary Rebecca Butt-igieg or But-tigieg is making it a point to make homosexuals transgenders and all the LBTIQA+ get more pluses while throwing womenhood in a class with a shame name. She is one of those many women who put womanhood in a stupid lesser class. Her speeches make me cringe.

She speaks about women in a patronising way which makes me go blind-crazy with her “women need empowerment” and all the usual bullshit we hear about us women. In a nutshell she is telling us that we poor incapable powerless women need help and support and we are not yet recognized as powerful as men. Likewise she wants to make the LGBTIQA+ be proud of who they are and that they need to showcase this in pink tutus rainbow outfits glitters clothes with slogans and creative pieces of clothing. And so we saw her proudly announcing Europride 2023 where we will be blessed with LGBTIQA+ celebrations over a 10-day period in September.

As Daphne had put it “The undertone was that anyone unlucky enough to be born a woman in Malta needed compassion and assistance. Now the undertone is that anyone unlucky enough to be born homosexual in Malta needs our tolerance and understanding.”

“Fill the streets with love and colour for the September event ” Buttigieg said. But don’t forget to keep the children away while the parade turns our nation into a pervert version of the Brazilian carnival.

What would have Daphne Caruana Galizia said about this Europride 2023 and Buttigieg if she were still alive? In her blog “I’m gayer than you are OK’  Daphne was crystal clear about gay prides homosexuality the LGBT lobbying tactics and even women like Buttigieg:

“I find it interesting that something which presumes to be iconoclastic and breaking down the taboos and barriers of tradition should follow the ritual route of parades mobs and demonstrations over the centuries since Valletta was built: from the main gate down the royal road to the royal palace. The pressure put on politicians by the gay lobby to join in the Gay Pride Parade is just another form of bullying. If you’re not there you hate and fear homosexuals and you won’t be getting our vote.

Well let me put it this way: it’s the ones who turn up in their pink shirts with their big happy smiles (oh I’m having so much fun gay-parading) who make me want to weep with irritation. They think they’re doing something really hip but really they know it takes more guts to stay away than to go there and march with the rest of the flock.

There’s no way I would ever go to a Gay Pride parade and it’s not because I hate homosexuals. It’s because I am 100 per cent indifferent to people’s sexual orientation and I refuse to be coerced by the gay lobby into defining my friends colleagues and everyone else as gay or straight.
If homosexuals want to ghettoise themselves then they are going to get no help from me.

I hold the same view about women. I have always refused to be the token woman the spokeswoman for women to give comments on women’s issues to take part in conferences on women’s this and that and to subscribe to networks of women.

I just can’t stand that whole scene and believe that it is ultimately self-defeating and self-undermining. And so it is with homosexuals.

Also a Gay Pride parade is possibly the worst tactic ever in a campaign to get the more conservative elements of Maltese society to look favourably on homosexuals because it just confirms them in their prejudice that being homosexual is all about sex and pink-parading in make-up and tutus (the ‘girls’) and cargo-pants and butch hairstyles (the ‘boys’).

The best way for homosexuals to be accepted by the more conservative elements of society if this is what they really want is to go about their business quietly like the rest of us do. It is not homosexuality that the average person can’t stand but ‘look at me’ behaviour and this applies to straight people too.

If you want to get shafted and spat upon the best way to go about it is to put on a pink tutu and a fancy wig and parade up and down Republic Street behind a load of bullied politicians behaving like rabbits frozen in headlights.

If you put on some normal clothes and go to work like everyone else nobody is going to give a damn whether you like to shag your own gender the opposite sex both sorts or no one at all. People are too embroiled in their own lives and most other people are just not interesting enough to command their attention.”

Rebecca Buttigieg do you get it?

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