Politicians excel at “virtue signalling” whose goal is for the speaker to claim superiority over the listener who is deemed as inferior.

When Hilary Clinton said that half of Trump voters were “a basket of deplorables: the racist sexist homophobic xenophobic Islamophobic ” and the audience of urban Democratic voters laughed and applauded she and her audience were saying “They are bad people while we are the good ones.”
When Justin Trudeau said that he’s a feminist and demands others to implement feminist policies or that he’s anti-racist and so others must implement anti-racist policies he is saying “If you agree with me and act as I ask you are a good person but if you disagree with me and don’t act as I ask then you are an anti-feminist and a racist.”

The elite have created a series of massive lies about North American society to support their virtue signaling. Feminists for example have claimed that all females are helpless victims of a brutal hierarchy and that all men are “toxic” oppressors of females. This is very much along the lines of Lara Dimitrijevic and our politicasters in parliament who want to make us women believe that we lack power and need to be empowered. Some men have agreed to these deceptive claims because they want to get along with women and feminist virtue signaling is the ticket to acceptance.

Despite overwhelming contrary statistical evidence African American activists have claimed that police kill blacks at will and in large numbers and that white racists do the same. This lie was used by Black Lives Matter (BLM) to justify widespread rioting looting arson assault and murder as well as the destruction of inner cities across the country. Politicians like Trudeau demonstrated their support for the BLM by marching in demonstrations with them and endorsing this extremist organization. So did major American corporations which issued forceful statements and contributed tens of millions of dollars to this organisation allegedly in aid of “social justice” and “black lives.”

Rioting and defunding the police were advocated by the BLM which was carried out in most Democrat-led cities. During the riots many black-owned small businesses were destroyed and blacks were murdered including retired police captain David Dorn. And according to opinion polls the reduction of police has resulted in an increase in crime in black communities with nearly ten thousand blacks murdered almost entirely by other blacks. The BLM organization allegedly used the funds raised for “black lives” to purchase a multimillion-dollar mansion. The BLM organization’s leaders who are on record saying they are “trained Marxists ” advanced the cause of BLM by making their own lives more luxurious.

Such BLM lies pale in comparison to President Biden’s repeated claims that America is “systematically racist ” a claim based on the argument that certain census categories such as Blacks and Hispanics do not perform as well as whites and thus whites are oppressing oppressed minorities.
Never allowing facts to perplex them “anti-racists” ignore the relevant facts that Asians Nigerians and black Caribbeans are the most successful ethnic groups in America outperforming whites. In other places and times “political correctness” has been used to determine who is the elite and who is the underclass. In more religious times “godliness” was used to distinguish the elite from the plebs. Which godliness was frequently critical.
Status competition includes virtue signaling. Those seeking power and fame will strive to be perceived as having more virtue than others and thus deserving of special esteem and status. One way they do this is by taking increasingly extreme positions in support of the alleged virtue.

Today this entails expressing ever-increasing solidarity with “victims ” as defined by the intersectional grid of race gender sexuality and ability/disability. Finding new “victims” to support is an example of great “virtue.” We’ve seen “virtuous” efforts to flip social arrangements in favor of transsexuals. There is now a push to recognize pedophiles renamed “youth-attracted individuals ” or “minor-attracted persons” as an oppressed minority deserving of protection and preferential treatment.

In the woke world of the woke elite through their woke view the majority of citizens whites and men and Christians are labeled “oppressors” and are slated to be marginalized and excluded with special consideration given to “marginalized and underserved” minorities.

Trudeau’s decision to fly all Canadian flags at half mast for half a year in honor of Indigenous children allegedly murdered and buried in mass graves on residential school sites was perhaps the pinnacle of virtue signaling. When some supporters set fire to several Catholic churches because some of the schools were run by Catholic orders the prime minister said he “understood” their feelings. No graves were ever verified and no children’s bodies were ever discovered. However Euro-Canadians were once again labeled as murderers.

Woke elites profess concern for minorities despite the fact that their actions frequently harm minorities but what they’re really doing is claiming to be good people fighting oppression while you are evil people advocating and perpetrating oppression. It’s a deceptive and outrageous ruse perpetrated by the elite in order to gain status and power.

The problem with woke ideologues’ obsessive moral posturing is that whatever they are posturing about is always a big fat inverted lie just like all communist-slanted ideology and the people who profess it. What they claim to be true is in fact the exact opposite.

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